How to – Get Battlefield Vietnam For Free


Hey guys, it’s Alex of Tutorialso and after a brief break from running the channel, were back with another video. Today’s video features another simple game download alongside Battlefield: Vietnam, the popular 2004 action online FPS released by Digital Illusions for the PC platform!

This amazing title will keep you playing for hours alongside AI bots in singleplayer missions, OR, if you really want to amp up your level of play, you can easily jump into an action-packed online conquest battle alongside other players across the globe.

Thank you guys, please leave any questions regarding the video in the comment box below and of course support our channel on YouTube by simply clicking on the Suibscribe button. Links for the tutorial can be found below!


1) (Complete RIPPED Copy of Battlefield: Vietnam. Only 1.26 GB HDD required to download. Extract and play!)

2) (Official torrent download client. Install in under a minute.)

3) (Win-RAR official free download. Choose your version and install in under a minute.)

Alex’s next tutorial will feature how to download and install the incredibally popular 2006 third person shooter: GTA: San Andreas for the PC platform. In the meantime, check out how to install and play these other amazing Grand Theft Auto titles!


B) (GTA: Vice City, PC)

Thank you!



  1. Can someone tell me what i did wrong
    I downloaded BitTorrent
    then went to the website downloaded it
    then unzipped it 7 zip opener
    but i can't find the file to play it (BFVietnam.exe

  2. "Just place it on the desktop"


    Then it's going to take space of your C drive. You're gonna slow down your PC and your're messing up and cluttering…

    Basicly… Placeing a gamefolder on the desktop is the worst place you can have it. it's like storing your pc on the stove cus it's easity ascessible there….

    If you have to fucking have a icon on your Desctop have a shortcut.

    and put your games in a folder on your large drive "D/E/F" whatever…

  3. Hey guys :]
    If your wanna get the game for free, the best + easiest place to get BF: Vietnam is from the website gamehackstudios .net, it works great I got a couple of Battlefield games off them ;bb just thought I'd share
    #Battlefield   #Vietnam

  4. Not true.. when i am download this map on torrnt i see one map with three pic's or programms in it… 🙁 no installiation or something.. like bfv exe… :S it doesn't work..

  5. hay man downloaded it on utorrent, finish that opened the battle field file but the where only three files: bv.7z . dopeman, games… but didnt see any exc files


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