How To Fix 2016 2017 A1707 MacBook Pro with TouchBar 15 Cracked LCD Screen Panel Replacement Repair


In this instructional video FixAppleNow tech will show a step by step repair of a1707 MacBook Pro 15″ 2016 2017.
This is a fairly complex repair, so we recommend watching the whole video before starting your repair, because there are a lot of tips and tricks about the process.

FixAppleNow is an apple repair shop established in 2010. We can fix pretty much any apple product.
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  1. Great work 👍 apologies if you have answered this questions already, but what’s sizes of adhesive do you recommend and also the small blades that are used to remove the old tape ?
    Thank you 🙏

  2. I have a macbook pro touch bar 2018, the central flex is damaged, I want to format it, but on the external screen it does not show me the boot options, it only shows me from the beginning of the session, how can I do so that the external screen shows me System boot to format?

  3. sorry after changing the display works fine but the camera does not turn on someone knows what happens or how can I fix it?

    Thanks a lot

  4. thx a lot for your video- I was searching or hours to find a fix for loose hinges in the mbp 15" 2016. a1707 touch. bar- and. I tried to figure out, what to do by all the steps you showed in this video… still not quite sure what and how I get underneath this hinge-cap… could you give me a hint? thx a lot

  5. we made it work! thank you for your video! took us 6 hours to replace the screen and we only use your vid as a guide. although it doesn't close enough. when i close the screen, it hangs a little. I don't know where the problem is. It's hard to go through to the disassembling it again. any tips on that so it would snap close fully when screen is fold down? aside from this we made the LCD worked again. thanks for your video!

  6. For those of you who don't want to do this; Just rub some of the reflective coating off the screen, then bring it to Apple and tell them you have some issues with the reflective coating.
    There is a replacement program availble which also covers accidental damage (cracks/etc)

    They will replace the screen for free.

  7. The MacBook pro 2017 has the same LCD as the MacBook pro 2018? The 13" one ? Thank you and appreciate the hard work!! And where can i get the scroll driver?

  8. На 4.00 времени повредил кабель питания, подскажите как называется это деталь чтобы заказать?

  9. I dropped my 2016 MacBook Pro on the concrete because it fell out of my book bag. It didn't damage the computer as far as functionality but I damaged the housing and indented it. How much would it cost to replace the screen housing and the upper housing where the keyboard is?

  10. AMAZING ! this is the first time i decided to open a apple product and i follow all of your tips and instructions and i successfully replaced my screen !

  11. Nice guide btw i realized there is a tiny gap on the left bottom of my screen between MacBook Pro plate and the rubber .Do you think the screen will get dust from here?

  12. I have the same problem but I don’t t have patient to do all this process, please can you tell me the prices if I take to Apple store?

  13. My screen is not working, i did not hit it in any way, i just closed it and opened it later and found that the screen was grey and had vertical multicolor lines, as i move the pointer i can see one of these lines move (vertically), do i have to get my screen replaced? 🙁


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