How to Enable Windows Defender in Windows 7 – How to turn Windows Defender on Windows 7- Free & Easy


This video will show you how to enable Windows Defender in Windows 7 and how to turn Windows Defender on Windows 7. Learn how to enable and disable Windows Defender painlessly. Microsofts Windows Defender comes built into Windows 7 as a free spyware and virus protection security software. If you don’t want to be bother with installing a third party anti virus protection program like Norton, Avast, McAfee, Avira or AVG than Windows Defender will do a pretty good job at protecting your computer from being infected by system damaging viruses, malware and spyware.



  1. i have a question im hoping you will be able to answer seeing as this is a 4 year old video. i had some malware on my PC that piggybacked off a legit application while i had windows defender. It never told me anything was wrong but i assume thats normal with sneaky malware. The only way i could get the malware off my PC (not even sure if its totally gone) was to go back to a restore point. All this aside i decided to download AVG free antivirus as you have installed but I failed to realize having both active was an issue (i'm not sure if windows defender was even active during this issue i was having with AVG but i literally just uninstalled AVG so i cannot really check). The issue i was having was very odd. If i had chrome open at the same time as a video game and alt-tabbed to Chrome (not sure if this was a necessary step for the issue to happen but i always did this) the youtube video i was playing would buffer infinitely and i could not access any other websites as if my internet was out. This would also crash the game i was playing and I needed to end the process in task manager. I would usually go to my router and reset it and the issue was gone (game still crashed but my chrome continued to work) or sometimes ending the game process would then allow chrome to begin working again. Is this an issue with Windows Defender conflicting with AVG or is this potentially the malware still affecting my PC? While i'm at it ill give my specs and ask if AVG is better than Windows Defender.

    Windows 7
    intel core i5-4430 cpu 3.GHz quad core
    16gb RAM

  2. Since I reinstalled Win7 on my laptop a few weeks ago, Defender has been running, but nothing in the QuickLaunch/Notification area like before. How to rectify that?

  3. Doesn't work. When I click, "Click here to turn it on", I get an error message saying "the operation returned because the timeout period expired." And there's an error code.

  4. this is one hell of an old video, but i wanted to ask: Is Security Suite (a preestablished scanner on my computer) a 3rd party anti virus scanner or is it just kinda there and it's fine if I enable WD?

  5. My husband was my computer geek, but he died unexpectedly a few years ago. My desktop and old laptop are both now having problems. Since hubby was the Administrator, is there a way to bypass or override? I'm 67 and not computer savvy.

  6. when i turn on the windows defender, it keep saying that this program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administor. (Error Code: 0x800704ec)
    please fix this…


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