How to Download Battlefield 5 OPEN BETA – BFV Beta Access


How to Download Battlefield 5 OPEN BETA – BFV Open Beta Access

So a lot of people have been asking me, where do I find the Battlefield V Open Beta, how to download bfv open beta, why can’t I see the Battlefield V open beta in my games library. I know this video might seem a bit “stupid”, but it isn’t very clear on where to go to get the Battlefield 5 open beta on PC in the Origin game client. Anyways, this short little tutorial shows you what you need to know on how to download battlefield 5 beta 🙂 If you are on console and have issues, leave a comment and hopefully someone will know how to help you. Cheers!

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  1. hello , i bought a new pc , and with that PC the company gave me a key for battlefield 5 , the thing is i dont know how to download it so i can use my key … in the origin does not allow me to open beta or anything else only to purphase! help

  2. wtf i have searched for BF5 but it"s the beta is not showing up in the origin store. so how can i find it if it"s not there?

  3. I wish there were more videos like this on youtube. Short and to the point, without too much nonsense talk, ads or way too long just to hit the 10 minute mark.

  4. mine doesnt say try it first just asks me to either pre order the game or join the ea acces or whatever its called

  5. Dude this isn't the open beta you fucktard. This is the early access restricted beta. Jesus fucking christ.

  6. either opening on web or reloading the page does not work there is no try it out button 🙁 anyone know how to solve it?

  7. Solid man. If anyone doesnt get the '' try it out'', just go to origin website and search Battlefield V and there you have it. Downloading it now, cant wait!


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