How To: Crack a Password-Protected Zip File


In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to crack a password-protected zip file. This is a very simple hack, and requires virtually no hacking skills. To crack the zip file password, we are going to perform a brute force attack with BackTrack 5 (download link below).

fcrackzip Usage:
-l (#-#): specify the minimum and maximum length of passwords to check
-b : use brute force to crack the password
-c (charset): specify the character set to use
-u : unzip / filter incorrect passwords

BackTrack 5 Download:

Note: It is illegal to crack any password-protected zip file that you do not own. I recommend creating your own password-protected zip file to practice with. The information presented in this tutorial is for educational purposes only.


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  1. its also helpfull with games or? because i download a game and i need a password to get a password i need to go to a link and do a survey??? do this program work also for links?.. i have done program rar password unlocker but thet still keep crashing

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  5. Thank you for this…I can now show the finger to any fuckass movie pirater who locks it with a password that can be gotten via doing surveys n shit

  6. guys note that if ur zip archive doesnt have a password but you are trying to crack a file that has a password(not to open the archive) then this doesnt work. both fcrackzip and john the ripper wouldnt work and if you keep trying you can actually corrupt the file inside. so if theres a password when ur trying to open the actual zip folder then this "works". but if theres no password to open the archive instead to open a file inside there really is no working method online today. like i said it can corrupt ur GG

  7. + Chris Haralson

    The program doesnt crack my ps3 jail break file plz help me. If i send you the file will you crack it for me? Plz send email

  8. I found this awesome all in one cheat for Jungle Heat 🙂 How To: Crack a Password-Protected Zip File

  9. i have a question, im running a windows 8.1 on my laptop.. is it possible to have Backtrack also? or do i need 2 monitors? 1 for windows, and 1 for backtrack?

  10. There is some info missing from this tutorial that is pretty important.

    – You can run this in the Mac OX terminal if you install Macports. Through Macports fcrackzip can be installed.

    – the "-b" switch indicates use a brute force attack

    – the "-c" switch lets you specify a character set (Upper case Letters, Lower case letters etc…) If you truly have no knowledge of the password then don't use it. By default fcrackzip will use all character sets. The only time it is useful for example is if you know the password is all lower case letters. You would use the example he used "fcrackzip -c a ….." so it takes less time to crack the password by not using characters you know are not there.

    – the "-l 5-5" switch is the minimum & maximum character lengths. In his example he set them both to 5 because his password was 5 characters. You'll want to broaden that range if you don't know the length of the password. for example -l 1-50 would look for a password that was a minimum of one & a maximum of fifty characters in length.

    – the "-u" switch tells fcrackzip to unzip the file once it thinks it has the right password.

    I would also advocate using the "-v" switch for verbose mode. That way you can see what it's doing while it's running. Actually the more "v"s in the switch the more verbose the output. I for example ran it using "-vvv".

    I hope that helps clear up any confusion out there for folks trying to run it matching the video example exactly & not getting the result they were expecting.


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