How Do I Make My Batteries Last Longer?


Do you wait to charge your phones battery until it’s close to dying? If you do- surprise! You’re doing it wrong.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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  1. Lol I used to charge my phone, but if I plug my phone in on 11 percent and leave it to charge, instead of the numbers becoming bigger, the numbers are becoming smaller

  2. Don't listen to this guy. Keeping your phone plugged in as much as possible damages the battery. Lithium ion is not supposed to be 100%. Look at Tesla and why there batteries last so long.

  3. The higher the charge before you charge it the longer it will charge- wrong! It’s better to charge up to 70%. Charging higher than 70% reduces life.

  4. Wait, nicd or nimh in a TV remote!? Not very often based on my real world experience since the 90s.
    Both are very bad for the environment and you. I don't like handling them.

  5. Whatever you do though don't comment on keeping them DRY in the freezer and or keeping them in the refrigerator ….also don't comment on what constitutes "higher temperature" storage that can damage batteries …my guess is? you actually don't even know ….seems to me a lot of people find some info and just parrot it like they are experts when in reality? They don't know so much either

  6. If you samsung users. Click call and type *#0228# and click then charge your phone untill 100% and enjoy your battery life😊 legit this


  7. You are perpetuating a myth about nicads. Do not discharge any battery period. Recharge when every possible. However. Once in a while you can use up the charge and then recharge. This does break up the crystals and help keep nicads working better. Do not discharge nicad all the time. The heat will kill them. Recharge recharge recharge.

  8. Just came upon your site, in that I'm thinking of changing out my Motorhome batteries as well. I've got 4 golf cart 6V batteries, thinking of going with AGM this time. Wondering if I should add two more ( ) as I have a residential fridge that tends to pull out many Ah's from my system. I'm new to this lifestyle, so a ton to learn…nothing for wifi or cell boosting yet, so as I say, lots to learn.

  9. This explains why my note 5 battery would charge to only 98% and then when I restart its percentage drops to 58%

  10. So you're saying by having my Li-ion Battery charged as much as possible will contribute in increasing it's Life Span?

  11. I've heard it's important to charge Li-ion batteries once a month. Is this true?

    I've also heard that using devices while they're charging is bad. Is that true?

    Pls respond


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