Hot Lips Lipstick feat. Carina Lau : Carina's Love | Charlotte Tilbury


Discover Charlotte Tilbury’s red lipstick shade, Carina’s Love, named after the amazing Carina Lau. Watch as Charlotte applies the lipstick on Carina, one of 12 shades in the Hot Lips collection.

Hot Lips lipstick is inspired by some of the world’s most mesmerising women. Each celebrity in the collection inspires Charlotte in so many ways – for their beauty, their style, their power or their positive message for good. For each woman, Charlotte mixed colours that embody her style and personality.


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  1. Love that your chose Carina Lau as your "old school holly glamour" red – she is (in Asia) iconic and glamourous.

  2. oh my god CARINA LAU, one of the Hong Kong QUEEEEEN of acting.. slay momma. (look at infernal affairs/2046/days of being wild) k thx bye.


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