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Hi Friends, join Sammy as he tastes the Harry Potter version of Bean Boozled – called Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Beans. You know they are going to be yummy AND really gross because they are both made by Jelly Belly. Lot’s of funny reactions in this gross candy review! For fun we are doing a blind taste test – Sammy will be trying to guess what each of the flavours are! Watch when he tried Watermelon…

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There are 20 flavors in the box:
Banana (Yummy)
Black Pepper (Spicy!)
Blueberry (Yummy)
Booger (Eeeew Gross!)
Candyfloss (Cotton Candy) (So Tasty!)
Cherry (Not Bad)
Cinnamon (We didn’t get this one)
Dirt (Yuck!)
Earthworm (Gross!)
Earwax (So Nasty!)
Grass (We didn’t get this one either)
Green Apple (Didn’t get this one)
Marshmallow (Yes, so good!)
Rotten Egg (Noooo too gross!!!)
Sausage (YUCK)
Lemon (Yummy)
Soap (so-so)
Tutti Frutti (Didn’t like it, but lots of people like it)
Vomit (Barf) (Yucky)
Watermelon (Didn’t like it, but maybe you will like it)

Sammy is 5 and his baby sister Lulu Belle is 1.5 and they do lots of toy unboxings, toy reviews, and candy reviews, plus every Wednesday my baby sister Lulu Belle and I open cool Giant Surprise Eggs full of blind bags, surprise eggs & toys. We do funny prank videos, and lot’s of other cool things too! Subscribe to our channel to stay updated with all our awesome YouTube videos 😀
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