halloween 0001

A guy at Walmart was giving me an odd look yesterday and then asked if I was the same goofy guy that used to produce a cable access program decades ago? I shook my head and tried to deny my past. But my children both answered truthfully that I did indeed create a television series.
What astounded me about being both remembered and recognized was that the shows haven’t aired for more than 20 years. Plus I’d been occasionally recognized by strangers before who recalled the series. My favorite time that I was recognized was when a police officer pulled me over for not coming to a complete stop for a STOP sign. He asked for my license, took a look then shined his flashlight in my face and asked why I stopped making BEEB TV? I don’t recall my answer but he laughed and let me go with just a verbal warning rather than giving me a ticket. So, I searched my computer and discovered most of an episode we made in 1992. It was the Halloween show.


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