Halal Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City, near Ben Thanh Market Vietnam


Today i’ll introduce you guys an interesting destination in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 2018. In addition to the Chinatown,Backpacker Street, Saigon also has a business center serve food and drink for Malaysians and Indonesians, it is Saigon Halal street. It is Nguyen An Ninh Street ( around 100m West Gate Ben Thanh Market),
More than 50 business households sell food, clothing and souvenirs. Even traditional Muslim headscarf (Hijab) is also available here. Quoted prices in Vietnam dong and the Malaysian ringgit (RM).
The restaurant serves authentic Malaysian dishes, nasi lemak – rice cooked with coconut milk, served with dried fish, eggs. All restaurants and Street food are marked “Halal” stamp.
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  1. love my Vpeople and all my bro and sist from around the southern east asia🇻🇳🇰🇭🇱🇦🇲🇾🇮🇩🇹🇭

  2. Dont go inside the ben thanh market….come at night..near the ben thanh market….everything is much2 cheaper …..

  3. I was there last two weeks ago & now i miss everything about Vietnam ex specially the environment & food.there had a lot’s halal food in this street.i will coming so soon

  4. Ada pesan SAUDARA vietnam pernah HIDUP di PULAU galang INDONESIA,/ WAKTU TERJADI prngungsian.. terbawa rasa BAHASA INDONESIA di hochimin DLM ruh ISLAMI..

  5. Its Asia,South East Asia,most of the food served is about the same,here we have Malay and Indo style food,Well done,thanks for sharing.Will visit if someday I go to Vietnam,nice country thou.

  6. minh cung co di cho ben thanh nhieu lan lam ma cung chua thay wa ng malay nhieu nhu vay va cung thay masque cua ng malay o sgn…rat hap dan merci!

  7. Wow ..the food galore there. such a great place in vietnam…will feel like home when i visit there…any recomendation ?


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