Godin Multiac Slim – The Ultimate Crossover Guitar!


Looking for a nylon string that plays more like a conventional acoustic guitar? Check out the Godin Multiac 🙂


Songs, Lesson Worksheets, and Guitar Techniques!


H&K Grand Meister Deluxe 40 –
Mesa Boogie –

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  1. This style of nylon is extremely difficult to find. Tim Henson has one that's made by Ibanez. This one in denim blue flame is my fav tho, esp also makes something similar to this it's like 600-700?

  2. I’ve purchased this same guitar several years ago, I had been traveling for work and she had to stay behind. Great reunion for me during Covid-19. Can you recommend which Nylon strings to use for the best experience (sound/playability). I am more of a rhythm player but taking the “Lead” challenge while spending more time at home.

  3. Hey Darrell! Great review, thanks. Maybe you could make more reviews of Godin models ? They are such an amazing and underappreciated brand. I'd love to see more of them on this channel.

  4. Last summer, down a YouTube rabbit hole, I discovered a vand named Shpongle which I fell in love with. It was a two and a half hour concert and during it I saw the guitar player playing this guitar on a few songs. I loved it from the second I saw and heard it but I loved it even more when I saw it was a Godin. I would own one myself if money were no object but I have neither the funds nor the playing skill to justify purchasing one. If I knew how to play better (much better, I only know a few chords) I would make it happen. I personally think that guitar is stunning. On another YouTube rabbit hole note, I recently found this channel and I am hooked! Darrell your videos are amazing, thank you.

  5. Hey Darrell. Love the channel, thanks for taking the time to review so many guitars! Are you planning on covering the Godin xtsa or lgxt? I'm sure they're great but would love to hear what you think! Keep up the great work!

  6. I hear that’s one of the easiest acoustic guitar for its playability and low action . If not …any other suggestion? I’m looking for lowest action possible


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