'Galaxy' Beautiful Chillstep Mix


Perfect study music or background music, enjoy!


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♫ Tracklist;

►0:00 – Vexaic – Falling
►4:27 – Michael FK & Liam Thomas – Hold Me
►7:45 – Wayr – Lost Everything
►11:03 – AK – Pulses
►15:04 – Wayr – Beyond the Night, a Rising Sun
►18:14 – Ferven – Ukiyo
►22:45 – AK – Everything Will Be Okay
►26:05 – Isolated – Innocence
►29:24 – Broken Elegance – My Life (Instrumental)
►33:02 – Approaching Nirvana – Grand Lake
►37:18 – Isolated – Daydream
►39:49 – AK – Everyday Issues
►43:00 – Cash & Liam Thomas – Solitude
►46:11 – Sappheiros – Rain
►49:46 – Dimatis – Qüity
►54:26 – Broken Elegance – Fairy In The Forest
►57:35 – Michael FK – Falling Stars

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  1. there is finally a new amazing chillstep beat 🙏 ("cold" by Basseq) check soundcloud. i wonder why there are so less chillstep beats made. the genre is totally underrated…

  2. For those of you who are pretty active and up to date on this kind of thing how's chillstep doing these days? I listened to it a ton in high school when a select few channels were cranking out the "beautiful chillstep" mixes each month or so but unfortunately haven't listened to it as much lately🤔

  3. I’m used to the hardcore dubstep mixes and deathstep like Code: Pandorum… but this really hit the spot… it sounds almost exotic to me.

    My ears were like:
    This is quiet… but it’s

  4. Is there anywhere I can download all your music like soundcloud amazon music Apple Music Spotify anywhere I love your music


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