Full-size Guts' Dragonslayer sword build from Berserk


This is an accurate, full-size rendition of Guts’ Dragonslayer from the anime/manga Berserk. The blade is made of hardened steel and can be used as a marginally functional sword, other than the obscene size and weight. It is 78″ long and weighs 54lbs.

You can watch the build video for the magnetic floor stand I built for this sword here:

Many thanks to michaelcthulhu for his inspiration and advice, go watch his much, much better videos here:

Outro music is “Waiting So Long” by Silver Fins.

I made a magnetic steel base for this sword as well:
Follow my current project status:

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  1. PLEASE NOTE: This is my first ever build video and it's kinda crappy. On average, people only watch 3.3% of it! I highly recommend you go watch my newer content, I have made massive improvements to my videos over the years.

  2. Very good job man; well deserved recognition! Question tho, how much did it cost to make with all the materials and such?

  3. Pretty cool, altho it would be cooler if it actually weighed around 400 pounds as it is stated on the wiki, But then again that would be basically impossible to use, and difficult to make.

  4. I think the dragonslayer in the manga weighs 180 kg lol. same as mountain from game of thrones lol. Imagine real life berserk can grab him by the legs and use him as a weapon hahahah! 😆😆😆

  5. If it's 24 kg and maybe half the blade's thickness of the Manga, then the Manga Dragonslayer would be roughly three times heavier

  6. i really like the build! just finished watching it and i want to make my own, i would really appreciate it if you list the tools and materials used

  7. ill literally fucking sell myself for something like that jesus holy shit ..ill make one fuck it in about 20 years lol

  8. Didn't have time to watch the whole video I skipped thru cuz I'm a berserk fan but loved the ending like how u handle bisnes my friend u got a thumbs up and a sub

  9. If you were to do this project again, I’d say to use a thicker material. Also the black does get a little thin near the end of the blade. If it was a bit wider I think it’d look so much better. This is what I did and my wooden dragonslayer turned out super nice. When the black is an even distance away from the silver for the entire sword, it’d look much nicer


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