Facebook Buys "Beat Saber" Studio Beat Games | The Jampack Report 11.27.19


Facebook, the parent company of Oculus, has bought Beat Saber developer Beat Games. Although it might not seem like a big deal to some, the significance of Beat Saber in the VR space makes Facebook ownership a massive deal for the future of Oculus and the future of virtual relaity tech.

Here are today’s stories:

– Facebook buys ‘Beat Saber’ creator Beat Games

– Rumour: GTA and Red Dead Developer Rockstar Is Working on a New Open World Game With a Medieval Setting

– The Force Is Strong With Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™

– Apex Legends is adding 400 more levels and a lot more Apex Packs

– Google offers refunds after adding games to the Stadia Pro subscription just two weeks after putting them on sale

– Steam Fall Sale is live and you can also nominate your favorite games for the 2019 Steam Awards

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  1. Insert gif of Palpatine in Robot Chicken screaming 'Fuck!' through the phone seven times

    Welp. Glad I bought the game when I did, cause they're not getting another cent from me. Screw off Zuckerburg.


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