[ENG SUB-HD] 140529 Showtime – Burning The BEAST Ep 5



—- fyi, the scene where they’re playing a game on the subway, there are no trans bc I couldnt understand the joke they made so we left it blank
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  1. Here, im watching again in 2019.. i miss them.. im proud that even today im stanning them 🤪❤️ after sent them to military i hope their friendship still going strong after that 😉 have a strength!

  2. Watching this for the first time because Im getting into HIGHLIGHT. Can someone recommend me morw of their variety shows/guestings?

  3. Just wanted to put this here for the new fans who are curious about Hyunseung:

    While it's true that Hyunseung became distant with the other members during Beast's last few years, he actually used to be an outgoing person and was more talkative than Junhyung and Kikwang. He was known for his "4D" personality back in the days and did well on their old variety shows to the point that he was constantly being teased for being "camera greedy". However, he started to drift apart from the other members starting late 2013 for reasons we do not know (possible reasons: his father's death, being bashed for being "extra" on stage, stress due to unfounded rumors with women, wanting creative musical freedom).

    Anyway, I suggest you guys first watch their variety show Idol Maid and then compare it with Showtime. You'd see for yourself how Hyunseung used to be talkative and how much he has changed.

  4. The way Gikwang stomp his feet at 20:43 when Yeoseop was screaming because of the seagull is the cutest thing i've seen today 😂❤️

  5. highlight members not talking to hyunseung really disturb me actually.. can anyone explain why actually hyunseung left beast and are they originally like this i mean all 5 of them are not talking too much wih hyunseung.. i'm not hating but i'm just so curiousss

  6. After the OG TVXQ and SS501, Beast really became my favorite. They are sincerely nice to each other and have gone through such lengths from being rejected from other companies, being called the recycled group to being one of the best. And they are still so quirky, and humble. Amongst, all the "breakups" that happened so far, Im really thankful that most of them are still together. You can see how close they are since they even know each others handwriting.

  7. It was sad when Doojoon made fun of Kikwang's handwriting , I'm over here like "Wow,Poor Gikwang." I love all the members it's just , Gikwang is so lonely xD


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