(Eng sub) BLACKPINK LISA (리사) "PERFECT BANGS "(Ep 6) Youth With You Season 2


Blackpink lisa sweet and cute moments in Youth With You Season 2.

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Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Ilove u lisa..always smiles.funny..humble..not boring see u…
    I want u so training mee..he 24 hours l cant dance for u lisa..😀😊☺

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  3. Can someone explain just real quick. Why on this show (I have only seen like 2 clips, but i get the idea.) Why does she use English sometimes? Are these trainees fluent? Or is it just the most common language bridge between? I have also heard her sometimes speaking Thai, sometimes Chinese. Just wanting to know a little back story on that whole thing. If anyone has the time haha.

  4. All she does is just hair spray literally. Im in a crew and my friend has bangs so she hair spray it and it really stays on. She dont glue it or whatever you guys think it is. It is simply hair spray😂

  5. What language are they speaking? Also I want Lisa to be my best friend we would be such good besties she’s so fun and cute ♡


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