Eating at the best Rated BUFFET Restaurant here in Vietnam


La Brasserie Buffet Restaurant
Address: 235 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Nguyễn Cư Trinh, 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh




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  1. Count down is on.. 8 MORE DAYS UNTIL I GET BACK TO CANADA. A lot of people ask.. WHERE IS KITTY!!?!?!?! Answer is Kitty in Canada with Mama Tran and I am in Vietnam.. QUANG WHEN YOU GET BACK THE FEAST YOU SHOULD COOK IS ____________________________________________!!!

  2. Bless her Sweet Heart! messing around with Quan she's trying all kinds of raw things LOL.. but she's a great sport about it!

  3. Lobsters and crabs in Asia are low quality just like the females. Best quality lobster and crab are in the USA, just like the females.

  4. That doesn’t worth $70 per person to me at this restaurant..bullshit!! Even buffet in Beverly hill cost $50 person…..there is nothing high class about this….

  5. Very fancy place very nice your girl looks beautiful you didn't show the tux so how much is it to eat there in u.s. dollars?

  6. I"m Vietnamese and i dont know if you can't speak Vietnamese well or if you're from a different side and different accent or what. lol

  7. Hello Quang Tran, I am new to your channel. Thank you YouTube for recommend this YouTuber to me. I feel like I knows him. It is because I have been eating Vietnamese foods for decades. Quang Tran, I loves your method of cooking. I also loves your personality. I loves watching all your videos. I have not yet view a lot because I just found your channel. I am sure to likes all your videos because you are good at what you do. Recently, I heard very bad news from my father about what had happened to my two males cousins. They are brothers. Both were con by women. I never heard anything bad happened to people who are from Vietnam that is related to what I am about to say. My cousins was got conned. They went to country of their where they were born to find a wife to married. Their parents worked very hard their entire life and save up their money. They bought a small business and became successful. They became middle class people. Their parents went back to the country where they came from and looked for wives for their two sons. They got married and have children. When the kid turned on the younger brother's wife want a divorce. The older one went on to have three young children. This year his wife want divorce and sued him and got everything. He was not even allowed to see his children after the wife got custody of their children. The wife got the custardy I understand was because the children needs their mother. What I do not agreed with the judgement is that my cousin was treated like he is a criminal. They are gentlemen. They are good people. My cousins are nice people just like my family. I believe my cousins have very bad lawyers. They should continue on to sue the women for at least the right to see their children. Children needs also their father to grow up properly. Raising children takes team works. If the women choose this path, the male will be gone for the growing years that their children needs them as a father figure. She will become so stress up and the children will become physically and emotionally abused by the single parent. I witnessed single parents abusing their children. I heard and seen too many single parents abusing their children. The judge who made this judgement on my cousin's case should go back to school and learned some psychology lessons. My cousins were treated like they are criminals and abusers. My Aunt got so mad she moved all her family out. I didn't know about it. No one told me and I just found out days ago. I feel so upset and depressed.

  8. That’s not sushi bro. That’s sashimi and she should’ve dipped in soy sauce and wasabe. Sashimi is my favourite Japanese food.


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