Dragon Palace Hotel, great location for the bars of Saigon, Vietnam


Dragon Palace Hotel, great location for the bars of Saigon, Vietnam (HCMC)

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The Dragon Palace was a nice hotel I stayed at in a great location for the bars of Bui Vien street in Saigon, Vietnam.

Overall I found the hotel room and facilities to be average for the price. But it was guest friendly and the amazing location and obvious popularity mean it is included in the Bkk112 Saigon hotel recommend list.

I would definitely stay at Dragon Palace hotel again…

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Outside the hotel
0:18 Deluxe double room (Paid $38 at the last minute, usually rooms start at $33)
4:08 Bathroom check
4:55 Bonus scenes
5:47 Outro from a Saigon hostess bar on Bui Vien Street

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  1. Hello bkk112 whats up? I stay here in dragon palace right now . And i got problem , after 22:00 they took extra charge in 150k dong to bring a lady. I argue a while but they just reply not fee before 22:00. Just some update. Over and out

  2. booked the hotel via your website. Which bars do you recommend on Bui Vien and which nightclubs have many freelancers

  3. love all your Thailand and  Asia vloggs, but the best are the excellent  hotel reviews please keep up the good work

  4. Looks like they remodel the rooms there. I stay there in 2005, and 3 times in 2006. Paid 25.00 per night for a deluxe on the 5th floor. Went back in 2015 but stayed at the Liberty4.

  5. this is really bad … i hope you can find a way to get an in come without relying on them … focus on the blog

    best of luck

  6. Bangkok 112 – Hope you will get it  shorted out soon I'm missing your vids you are the best Thailand vloger  on YouTube

  7. Did you upload a video on Saturday and then take it down? Could of sworn that a saw a BKK112-video and then a minut later it was gone.

  8. After my last trip to indonesia Im convinced I need to install a bidet. Why the fuck I havent already I dont know….

  9. Hey 112, what do you like and not like about Saigon…just briefly. It seems about as cheap as Thailand, good nightlife, great food, easy visa rules…but still not half as popular as Thailand. So, what's wrong with it? Oh, and gorgeous women…better than Thai women, imho.

  10. Quick question my friend, "no lady joiner fees" as in they allow you to bring female guest to stay over night without charging extra? Some of the hotels I stayed at during my trip was pretty lame, they see me bring guest over to stay they charge an extra fee lol. Some hotel I really like the fact that they dont need my passport to be on file with them, they'll take my normal ID and is fine with it while others require passport. =))

  11. good stuff man, enjoy all the videos, great to see the hotels too. i want to book myself there soon because of you.

  12. theres articles out today from multiple sources that bangkok is banning street food vendors as part of a clean up campaign. is this true? if true i wonder how far this clean up campaign will go…

  13. Not bad at all . Got to ask . You strike me as an extremely well organised guy , why so many last minute bookings costing you extra .


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