Dell XPS 15 9560 Battery life so far & boot, wake times


Dell XPS 15 9560 Kaby Lake Battery life so far & boot, wake times.
Dell XPS 15 9560 Pushing innovation to the edge. Our smallest 15.6-inch laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display — all in our most powerful XPS laptop.


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  1. My wife and I were about to buy 2 of the XPS 15 16Gb of ram 1tb ssd
    yesterday… so, after reading some issues with the battery folks were
    having with this and the 9550 I thought before I bought a $2400 notebook
    I want to know what the replacement cost of the 97 watt battery was…
    and I have to say, I was floored…. According to both models web
    pages on Dell under accessories they state the battery is no longer
    Available… then I went to amazon… Product Discontinued… What
    the heck do you do with a $2500 Laptop when the battery is dead and not
    available anywhere… It becomes a $2500 anchor for you next boat… I
    Cancelled orders for 2 of the machines immediately…. That is CRAZY
    that Dell has discontinued selling the replacement batteries.. I'm sure
    glad I found out before we took delivery.. By the way, the Battery
    is Not Warrantied by Dell Either so your screwed.

  2. Might want to leave the stop timer paused for a few seconds after reaching the finishing line to make it easier to read the final time without having to scrub back through the video. Thanks for all the hard work you've done reviewing this fine bit of hardware.

  3. Hello Westwrn Gents United. I see that you got the xps 15 9560 with the 4K display. Do you happen to experience some screen flickering and lag issues on the laptop? It seems that many people have got the same problem with this laptop, as they complaint in reddit. Thanks

  4. Hello one question I have the 1tb drive and it performance is 1500Mbs Reads and 600 Mbs writes. That seems to be pretty poor in comparison to other reports I used Crystal Disk Mark to do the test. Can you tell me what you are getting?

  5. If you underclock/undercolt the cpu by about 150mv using throttlestop, and turn off the touch screen you can get 8-9 hours. Turn off turbo boost. BAAAMM!

  6. hey mate, love your videos on the 9560. Question: have you tried the dock TB-16 from Dell? I'm curious to learn if it uses virtual drivers like old USB docks or if it actually leverages the hardware.

  7. it has 45w processor + power hungry graphic card its not portable at all. Go for spectre x360 15inch it has u processor 15watt plus less hungry graphic card

  8. If I wanted to get the max spec model should I just get the i7/8gb ram/256gb ssd and then upgrade the ram/ssd myself? It would save around $400 but there has to be a catch. I don't see many people doing this and just buying the max spec option outright.

  9. Love your reviews of this laptop, very excited to see more! Would be great to see size comparisons between that and the AW15, as well as keyboard quality, if you still have it. I'm looking at upgrading from my OG X1C (8/256/i7) which I bought back in 2011 when it first came out, and constantly juggling the power vs size arguments in my head. Cheers. 🙂

  10. Is the coil whine issue still exists? In some previous Dell xps laptops this annoying sound was a deal breaker. Hope it gets fixed in this new version.

  11. Hey, Can you do an more consistant rundown please. Please specific brightness brower used etc. Correct me if i am wrong, this is the 4k i7/16/512 right? Latest bios and drivers?

  12. Can't wait for the review. It would be great to see a literal size comparison to the 2015 and 2016 MacBook pros. Like a thickness comparison and with the weight too

  13. Look at the unit this person has does yours also show the red backlight on a black screen when you view the screen from the side or is his units screen defected?

  14. had my xps for 3 days now 32gb 1tb full spec beast, I'm literally getting an hour and a half battery streaming video and using Adobe muse. I'm very confused…

  15. i have a slight coil whine on my 9550 when scrolling(especially with the power cable plugged in). the intel hd graphics is responsible for this. any difference on the 9560?

  16. Love your vids! Hope you don't mind me asking a question. I just received my unit with The exact same configuration. Is it normal for the fan to be running at a low speed with just two YouTube video tabs on Microsoft edge? I didn't make any changes to the factory settings.
    Is there anything I can do to stop the fan from spinning under light load?

    Thanks in advance!!

  17. Nice, feedig my sub box with bew crispy XPS 15 videos. If you have Netflix or know someone with netflix UHD package please try if this device is UHD Netflix compatible. Sadly my XPS 15 9550 isn't. Cool outro track

  18. If you can please do 9550 vs 9560 performance comparison on how do the benchmarks and everything else stacks up. I wanna get XPS soon but I guess 9560 ain't so much faster than the 9550?

  19. The wait is killing me! I am dying to get my hands on an the 97 wh 1080p version. I've been looking at this laptop for the past year and now I have saved up the money for it I am simply waiting for a Dell discount / sale which should happen in the next couple months. I had it for 15% off but that was the model without the finger print scanner. So excited to get this notbook!!!

  20. I'm looking to buy an XPS 15, and your videos have been really helpful! Thanks a lot!
    Could you please do a Blender benchmark as well (both CPU and GPU)? You can download the Mike Pan BMW benchmark from the site:
    I'd love to hear your advice on the screen as well: is the glossy 4K screen annoying? Do you have to set Windows to 200% scaling for it to be useful? And do these extra pixels justify the extra cost?
    Thanks again!

  21. Well your results sound a bit better than a Reddit user who only got 5 hours of Netflix. I believe from your results if I calibrate the battery (drain to 0% and then charge so that the system knows the actual full capacity of the battery) and possibly turn off the touch screen in the bios which I rarely use as I don't like fingerprints on my screen 🙂 , I may gain an extra hour on the local video playback at 40% brightness which on the 9550 was plenty bright. This would reach my goal for battery life on long haul flights 🙂


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