DAY 2 in SAIGON – CITY TOUR + EGG COFFEE? BEST SAIGON RESTOS! (Jan. 9, 2020) – saytioco

Day 2 in Saigon! I did a city tour and ate MORE FOOD! Read full details about this day here! ALL LINKS AND PRICES OF EVERYTHING I DID LISTED DOWN HERE! *Click show more!!!


LASH EXTENSIONS from Browhaus Manila (Multi-lash)

Outfit for today:
Crochet top from Stradivarius
ZARA pants

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Akoya Saigon Central Hotel


SAIGON CITY TOUR (I booked this via Klook)
OUR ROUTE (We went to the following)
1st stop – Thich Quang Duc statue
2nd stop – DO PHU traditional coffee spot
3rd stop – War Remnants Museum
4th stop – Jade Emperor Pagoda
5th – Reunification Palace (only took a photo here from outside)
6th stop – Notre Dame Cathedral (under construction) and Saigon Central Post Office
7th stop – Opera House (didn’t stop here! I just vlogged hehe)
*Ricky passed by the coffee apartment for me to see it!
8th stop – City Hall and Walking Street (passed by these places)

CUC GACH QUAN – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ate here! Highly recommended, really good traditional Vietnamese cuisine!!! I loved it!!!

Little Hanoi Egg Coffee – THE BEST
*follow this location, other cafes don’t do it as great as these guys!
(thanks to my friend Daniel for recommending this!)

AN DONG PLAZA – I HATED IT lol, exactly like divisoria!!!!

Bahn Mi Huynh Hoa


La Tra – where I bought juice
So 157 Le Thi Rieng P. Ben Thanh Quan 1

Akoya is AMAZING for providing free massage chairs, I swear it’s amazing!


*LEGIT, loved this place!

SAX N ART JAZZ CLUB (opens at 9PM)

*if you love jazz like I do, this place is AMAZING!!!! Reaaaally loved the live music, they are all so so so talented.

₱ 1,360.00 CITY TOUR (booked via Klook, yes in pesos)
25,000 VND – coffee filter from Do Phu Traditional Coffee Shop
20,000 VND – water from vendo machine (at the War Remnants Museum)
200,000 VND tip for Saigon City Tour tour guide (thank you Ricky!)
21,000 VND grab bike from Akoya to Cu Gach Quan
310,000.00 VND Cuc Gach Quan lunch**
27,000 VND from Cuc Gach to Little Hanoi Egg Coffee
40,000 VND egg coffee (hot) SOBRANG SARAP!
24,000 VND grab bike from an dong to Bahn Mi Huynh Hoa
45,000 VND 1 pc of Bahn Mi
54,000 VND drink from La Tra
23,000 VND La Tra to Akoya grab bike
17,000 VND Akoya to Pho Hoa Pasteur grab bike
19,000 VND Pho Hoa Pasteur to Saxnart Jazz Club
88,800 VND Pho Hoa Pasteur 1 pho normal, 1 sugarcane drink
500,000 VND Sax N Art Jazz Club (1 red wine, 1 bottled water + door charge)

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  • Remembered it was Say’s solo travels that inspired me to had one also. ☺️☺️☺️

    Now I find it more enjoyable to went alone. Hihihi. Though masaya pa din naman with friends.

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