DALAT – the “little Paris” of Vietnam | Vietnam Travel Vlog


Backpacking Travel Vlog
Dalat, Vietnam
February 18th – 20th, 2018

In this travel vlog, I head off to the city of Dalat, which has many nicknames, including the “little Paris” of Vietnam. It is a beautiful little city with plenty of French colonial architecture influences. After a slow first day, the next day I do a bit exploring by foot to check out a few of the city’s highlights, and try a local street food only found in Dalat!

(For reference, $1 USD ~= 22,700 Vietnamese Dong)

My name is Giuliano Gabella, and there are few things I love more than traveling the world. Traveling is an amazing way to learn about our planet firsthand and to have countless eye-opening and memorable experiences.

I’ve decided to dedicate myself to traveling the world as much as possible, with the goal of making it a career. I want to share my passion with you so you can see the beauty that the world has to offer and learn about the different cultures of the world as well!

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  1. Most of you Guys are frustrated Movie Stars…90% of the Video showed YOU and virtually nothing about Dalat !!


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