Choosing right OS and IDE before coding Hello World Series


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Choosing right IDE and operating system for programming is very important. Amount of time that you will spend in researching great OS and IDE will save you a lot of time later on. For example you might want to choose Xcode for iOS development or Android Studio for android development.





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  2. i don't know why the classes and colleges still use windows 7 ,visual stdio 10, jdk 6/7 and syllabus like oracle 8 , vb 6.0 , . even in my university syllabus i had language like vbscript & microsoft access

  3. What ide you will recommend for python bed ideas if you say eclipse or pycharm I am sure about it eclipse has installation problem with all editions

  4. can anyone suggest me which operating system is better for an i3 processor with 4GB RAM…..and i want multiple OS…. so which is better?suggest me please……!

  5. start programming with any pc and any os…. don't care about anything.. just read books and code…. Udemy courses are not good.

  6. Unfortunately, I don't agree with you to drop a person just because he was using Windows 7 and not Windows 10. To be good in understanding computer systems you must be aware about the old technologies too. Anyways, I am unsubscribing you because now I know you too are just a copy paster type software engineer who is missing many deep points. This video also proves to me that the code you are writing for someone is also vulnerable because you already missed many basic and fundamentals things.


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