Children's YouTube Video ATROCITIES! Episode 1 Beep Beep TV. #ELSAGATE


WARNING: You are about to trench into some DARK territory, that you never even knew was on THIS VERY WEBSITE.

Beep Beep TV is absolutely one of the most horrific YouTube pieces of crap I have ever seen in my life. Today, I go into detail as to what these channels are up to, even when YOU parents would never expect it.

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  1. For some strange reason, i did not see BeepBeep TV's inappropiate videos, but i hated BeepBeep TV for commenting on an Elsagate video.

  2. I'm the video's 200th liker. And it is a video I can literally agree with. First off the animations are choppy and bad that makes Teen Titans Go and Popeye's Island Adventures' animation a masterpiece. Heck, my animations are much better than that! My recent animation is the "Burb's Carnavull" short and it is available for viewing on Vanillo.

    Also with this trend, it ruined one of my favorite YouTube animators and major inspiration to draw, Pencilmation, into a generic kids' channel with idiotic comments where I can swear my mouth to these "commenters" who the majority of them are kids' channels PRAISING that Pencilmation short even though there is nothing good about them!

    It also ruined everyone's favorite cartoons, Popeye the Sailor into a doofusly bland, toned down series called "Popeye's Island Adventures" (also known as "Popeye for Kids".). The series was a HUGE controversy when it came out, with King Features Syndicate defending the show like the plague and posting the same exact reply over and over and over again (and Mr. Nostalgia actually analyzing the Popeye Twitter account while they're defending the show like crazy during the controversy.) While the series is getting better and a little hilarious from episode to episode and a bit interesting, I will ignore this series nowadays and watch the original series. They are MUCH better than the Popeye's Island Adventures crap.

  3. The people who made these Elsagate videos could've had the very guts to just wonder how Walt Disney and Stan Lee could dare find this stuff offensive!!


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