Can GIANT SWORDS be practical in combat?


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Giant swords as seen in anime and video games like Guts’ dragon slayer sword from Berserk and Cloud’s buster sword from final fantasy 7 are awesome but not very practical. But is there a way they can be included in a more realistic and functional way?

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  1. lets take everything that makes Berserks Dragonslayer amazing &awesome &make it as bitch basic & mediocre as humanly possible

    something ive noticed with ALL these so called experts do when it comes to berserk is overestimate the weight of a potential Dragonslayer blade.. with shads claiming 220 lbs.. &some idiots even claiming 600 pound weight range both of which are ridiculous
    such a blade wouldnt weigh that much more than 100-150lbs at most if properly forged
    &guts being MINIMUM 250lbs which inhuman strength would definitely no be defying physics in handling it
    u guys need to stop using your own mediocre sub-par bodies as a measure for the capacities of fictional idealised characters.. using athletes or exceptional (real) humans would be a better bet, these characters arent meant to be the average schlub anyway, thats kinda defeating the point.

    my suggestion for a IRL Dragonslayer build is say a cricket bat sized (width) blade rather than the howitzer sized Manga drawn version.. that way its STILL much more intimidating than conventional blades.. but not completely unrealistic.

  2. i rather see someone with the same physic as Guts, not being stubborn but yes where are those big muscle boys do us a favor and do a experiment before we get different opinions and shit like this but BERSERK FTW

  3. I know its an old video. But seeing you talk about large Swords….whats your take on Siegfrieds fighting style from the Soul Calibur series. And when you are at it….how about an analysis of various fighting styles from that game. That would be awesome!

  4. There's a scifi manga called "All You Need Is Kill", the inspiration for the movie Edge of Tomorrow. It utilizes the fight style of using moment of giant weapons. It's also a good manga, if you want to check it out.

  5. The first plan WAS to use the smaller, more reasonable sword. It broke in half almost immediately when he used it against an apostle (the monsters). The light sword just doesn't do enough damage for them to be seriously injured from it . The enormous chunk of iron is necessary. It would normally be impossible to use for a whole bunch of reasons, but the laws of physics "bend" a bit around Guts as a consequence of him being pulled to a different plane and being branded as a sacrifice to demons.

  6. You could make such a long sword from a lighter and stronger material. Diamond would be the perfect material to make such a sword. A diamond is a nothing more than carbon. It is very strong and has a molecular weight of 12g/mol. Steel has a tendency to bend and it has a molecular weight of 55.845g/mol. This means that by changing the material, you can make the sword 4.7 times lighter.

  7. I am actually enjoying the points youre bringing up however berserk does mimic reality in that the dragon slayer sword is about 272,155kg opposed against guts own weight of 104,326 as such its shown that he doesnt go swining it around and like a katana or like cloud with his buster sword instead he focuses on moving the blade to a shielding position and going with the momentum essentially spinnung himself around (and yes it is shown to have cost him his footing) keeping his weight close to the ground for reference if youre wondering the worlds strongest man(2019 Martins Licis )can lift about 408,233kg and his weight is about 150kg as such its actually really possible to raise guts this bestly blade or as others call it slab of metal above his head and swing it around the ability to stop himself and the blade.(this doesnt include the berserker armour because thats pure fiction)

  8. Could one with 'super strength' theoretically use super heavy armor to compensate for the anchoring issue if they didnt have the weight themselves? With that kind of strength you could just be Havel and strap some boulders to yourself.

  9. Funny thing is, that the PS2 Berserk game kind of had a system where you had learn how to use the momentum in order to turn into an angry bipedal blender

  10. Giant swords look dumb anyway. Also from my marginal knowledge of physics, the broad blade won't do any good. You aren't trying to bludgeon your opponent to death. If this was what you wanted to do you should use a warhammer.

  11. Yea yeah this one is more than a year old. still. wouldn't that "acrobatic" style simply be "night goblin fanatics"? And yeah….they are dangerous to your own troops (more often than not a lot more than to the enemy….XD) – refering the tabletop.

  12. Lol, this is hilarious. Who wants to do that when you're fast enough to move away from this bullshit? I can dance around your ass with a butter knife and cut you more times in a couple of seconds than the whole time you trying to swing a huge blade.

  13. "if you are in a room, that's going to be a problem"

    heheh, that one scene from the final fantasy 7 remake where cloud smacks the roof of a doorway

  14. What about titanium or other modern materials that are indeed real but weren't an option during the era of swords? Titanium specifically is considerably stronger per mass than steel, and has a comparable hardness to steel depending on which respective alloys are considered. Therefore, I think it plausible that a titanium [alloy] giant sword can be wielded and practical, given space to use it. And best part is that its not even a fantasy material, although it may as well have been back in the day.


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