Breadth First Search using Queue | A Helpful Line-by-Line Code Tutorial


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  1. Your explanation is very good but I feel like your audio is bit distorted and when I listen using headphones it irritates a bit. But anyways thumbs up for the explanation.

  2. Dude, i have exam coming up on this topic and i just watched your video you can't believe how much it helped me. Keep up the good work

  3. Hi Thanks for making this video. I just have one question …
    When the node (0) was popped out from the queue at the step before the you used loop, How cum the control is not getting out of the loop when it encounters break statement even at the first iteration (I mean at matrix (0,0))?

  4. I think you should consider an example which better illustrates BFS. Do note that your BFS behaves like DFS, due to the nature of the graph you chose.


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