Bose QC35 or Beats Studio 3? | Bose vs Beats noise cancelling | Unboxing Video


Should you get the Bose QC 35 or Beats Studio 3? In this video i review both the Bose and Beats noise cancelling headphones and discuss why I made the switch. The Beats vs Bose debate has been
a big one and I wanted to share my thoughts to help you make a decision on which to buy. In my comparison, I also do a quick Bose unboxing of my new Bose headphones and give my initial thoughts. Here are the time stamps to help you go to the part that you are most interested in 🙂

0:16 Why I Replaced My Beats Studio 3
1:57 Bose QC35 ii Unboxing
4:48 Bose QC35 ii Review & Comparison

Which do you prefer? Bose or Beats?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Have had the bose qc35 ii for almost a year now and I remember watching your review before buying lmao. A few days ago I got the beoplay h9i and they have wayyyy better sound and build quality but bose comfort is top notch. Ima use my h9i when I go somewhere like school and ima use my bose for roadtrips. Will never get beats because I like to get what I pay for. Not some plastic garbage lmao

  2. beats is way cheaper in my country it is 1600₺ but bose ise too expensive ~2800₺ but both headphone are 350$ but bose is best in class

  3. Check out the CCA C12s earphones. They’ve a hybrid set up with 6 drivers per ear. They’re much better than beats or Bose and they’re $300 less!

  4. Anyone here still read comments? I need help

    My beats studio ear cuffs are tearing and they are 2 years old, where can I get them fixed?

    I live in Australia

  5. You should try the Sony WH-1000x-m3. The noise canceling is insane and there is an app with an EQ for your personal preference in sound.

  6. Don’t buy either buy v mota crossfade wireless or atleast beats studio 2 not the 3 bass heads consider Sony xb950n1/skullcandy crusher high/mid lovers check out Sony wh1000m3 or sennheiser hd1 all 5 of those outperform either of these depending on preferences and are cheaper

  7. Watching on my skullcandy crushers anc… but bose shits on beats and the sony 1000xm3 just shoots a load on all three im a bass head thats the reason i went the skullcandy anc tho..


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