Blade & Soul Revolution Force Master Build Guide


Blade & Soul Revolution Force Master Build Guide

Force Master
– Skill Active
Level up to 5 For Extra Buff or Effect

– Passive
Attack 10 – Def 5, Attack 15 Def 10 Etc

– Equipment Set
Attack Buff & Attack % Set for overall, PvP buff for PvP Set

– Weapon & Accessory
High Attack Power for Overall & PvP Buff For PvP

– Soul Shield
Attack Power Buff Set

– Enhance Stats
Attack & Def for Early – Attack & Crit Hit Mid Game – Attack & Crit Damage for Late

– Pet
Attack Power for Early – Mid & late – Green or Gold Dragon – PvP ( use PvP pet )

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  1. Hi ice.. when do you think they would release new classes like warlock and lyn blade dancer? In korea server did they release classes one at a time or in bulk? Thanks

  2. Thank you! I was playing for fun as PvE but a couple of ppl from the other faction targeted me while I was minding my own business during a boss fight in a war zone for easy points, so I'm buffing up my stats and strengthening my build. This helped!

  3. Is it normal to struggle against story bosses like Yura or even unique monsters on the field? Really have a tough time compared to other classes with similar level/atk power

  4. May I know the specifications of your computer? what emulator do you use looks fast and smooth ?? plzz reply

  5. Ahh thanks I made a force master on the server you're on was confused how to build him. But seems I'm doing average so far. This clears up a few things. I like how you have your attack and def balanced out Luke that. I need to increase my def. But I'm thinking maybe it's as it is now because I'm early game at lvl 38. I'm thinking after I start running dungeon I can better refine those stats.


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