BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Hands On!! in 2016


Hey everyone! I finally managed to get my hands on a BlackBerry Passport! This is my hands on! enjoy!!

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  1. You would be the one to know Jan Ole….Why did RIM give-up on BB10? Its a shame and we loved it…why I ask why?

  2. Hey – ran into this weird video which is like you on helium >>

  3. Still using mine. Works great for what I need. They'll have to take it from my cold dead hands lol..
    Almost got the Key2 but the camera sucked so I'm still waiting for something better.

  4. Hallo Jan. Gibt es einen großen Unterschied zwischen der schwarzen Version und der silver Edition?… abgesehen vom Gehäuse. LG aus Stuttgart

  5. Can someone duel boot passport with Android 6/7/8..?
    I think it's best design but needed update..

  6. Still got mine, still a great phone. Crappy selfie camera, but build quality, looks, usability, typing speed, working on documents. Best BB ever made. If I knew enough about electronics, I'd upgrade the selfie cam and make it fully android compatible. It's still faster than the keyone.

  7. Hi ole. I still have my passport. Ill wait till January to use my passport. If whatsapp still support the passport?

  8. Jan, you are a gem mate. great work! A very civilized review absolutely love it. I love my Passport! BB4Life!

  9. hey just wanna ask if you got anyproblem with cobalts playstore since yesterday it suddenly stopped working more of like the app was crashing. did you experience the same while updating or downloading apps? do you know how to fix it? thanks


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