BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition hands-on


PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.

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  1. I have the blackberry passport and want this one as well it's so cute lol and very strong I had my passport for 4 years still going strong and I have the latest software well done blackberry but there should make lots of cute cases for them

  2. Will what's app and Facebookworks in 2018 in blackberry 10 is phones and does blackberry world apps can be downloaded and used ?

  3. Used this phone few weeks ago and it seemed like I was using a symbian phone. Everything is outdated and almost not compatible with the new gadgets. Security doesn't mean you should keep your software outdated unfortunately. This however, wins the competition for the most boring phone. If you wanna focus on studying in school, just take this phone with you.

  4. Blackberry 10 update now allows the download of the Google play store and alp it's apps…Maybe BB10 is not dead after all!!!

  5. The Blackberry store has the Silver Passport at it's lowest price ever $299.00. If you are a BB purest that's a very good deal. I have to say though that the new DTEK60 may be a more complete buy given that BB10 going forward is a question mark. If you can stomach Android, the security features on the DTEK maybe worth a look going into the future.

    I would love to see an optimized Android version on the Passport. The Passport is a terrific mobile device even with the holes in it's app selection. It's a great piece of hardware.

  6. I'm really interested in this phone, I'm just a bit hesitant to switch the BB10. I wish they'd release this thing with Android, I'd buy it immediately.

  7. Amazing phone! High productivity with high quality. Try this on another device you tube play a song and then open other apps, emails, etc. You will continue listening on the background the music..does not close. True multi Standing! Including the most the amazing sound!

  8. Great phone, I love it. Nice improvements from the black version, very nice grip on back, round corners and the typing experience is much improved too.

  9. Does anyone know if there is any other brand of a sync pod that is compatible with the BlackBerry Passport silver edition, besides the one that BlackBerry made for it? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  10. BB10 was voted the best OS in the World over iOS and Android. The BB passport design was voted the prestigious best design by Red Dot over the iPhone 6. It was also voted as the longest average used phone over Apple and Android.

    I dont know why people question Blackberry and their users when Blackberry is clearly superior at everything. Apple and Google just do a good job of brainwashing you guys. Their marketing is obviously working to keep people ignorant.

  11. I agree Beastson, this is the best looking phone I've seen in awhile. All others to the likes of I Phone, Samsung, HTC and Sony all have a very similar look. Once the eco system is fully converted to Android, I'll say this would be the best phone on the market hands down.

  12. O dear it's pretty wide in the hand, because it's not for girls

    The SE edition is better in balance in the hand , better qwerty keyboard, more accurate touch keyboard, Camera lens is better and the picture's with flash are also better. The speakers are better and little bit louder, The ear plug is better and has metal ground ring, and there also more little upgrade's with hardware but overall the specs are the same.

    After a few days the SE feels better than the Passport and must say that the screen is lighter than the Passport, have no idea of the screen is upgraded or it just the same which has been devolped better?

  13. Uhm, you can tell you've only used this phone for about 2 and a half minutes since every action you make prompts the tutorial notes to pop up (the yellow boxes). These only pop up when you make a certain action the first time. At least use it for a week before posting a video shame – dingding

  14. Been using the passport since release and its been wonderful experience, not only are these bb`s poised with really high specs and features but they also received the highest marks for customer satisfaction. I wont lie tho most people who see my phone ask me WTH is that?? is that a blackberry, I thought they were done etc. etc. but once they see the OS in action and realize that the specs (usually 10x better than the droid and apple counterparts they are using) they`re quick to hush hush lol!!
    quad core 3 GB ram really great camera, oh and battery life you prolly will never need to recharge mid-day on this, miracast ready, hdmi ready no special plugs, sd expansion the list goes on… this is a GREAT phone so don't hate haters!

  15. definitely worth it buying it.I have been using iPhone 6 and Samsung s6 too. I swear I got bored with both phones.just had to give it present like to my brother and sister. I have been a huge fan for blackberry for 6 years . yes Iam still a die hard fan of blackberry. this product worth it for my money. can't wait to buy next week.

    #opinion with #truthinit


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