Blackberry Passport Longterm Review 2020


Can you use the Blackberry Passport in 2020? Even though it doesn’t run Android, the unique design features of the Blackberry Passport still stand the test of time.



  1. i have Z10 (same OS) and would like to get a Passport but not being able to log in on sites like "Scribd" or "Doulingo" makes me want to lean towards android phones (which i dislike)

  2. The BlackBerry Passport is one of the greatest phones to have been made. Know since I have 3 of them. I reluctantly switched to the Key 2 when news came that the BB OS was not going to be supported. It is functional except that there is no software to sync your phone to your computer. But, now another curve ball to Blackberry users. Blackberry has decided to discontinue its relationship with TCL. So, with it being less than a year since it's release, the Key series is being discontinued. As much as we want a physical keyboard with Blackberry security, that need appears will go unmet. Hopefully the Unihertz Titan will fulfill our need for a physical keyboard. In the mean time, please comment where I can pick up another AT&T compatible Key 2 BBF100-2 for less than a kings ransom since I understand that TCL will support the phone until the end of 2022.

  3. The passport was an awesome phone. Superb display and loudspeaker. Absolutely loved the square screen! If it wasn't so top heavy I'd still be using one today. Shame BB are retarded and abandoned the path they were on rather than refining their handsets.

  4. I hate the iPhone. Is it too late for me to get a blackberry? I mostly use YouTube and eBay and google Please advise as I need to work and write

  5. Using my Passport SE and have BBMe plus 1 million downloads on playstore … installed works great! Opening excel sheets on my Passport is a blessing.

  6. Even blackberry mobile just died yesterday. Using a limited edition black blackberry keyone now as my daily driver and a classic as a second phone. My passport can't connect to a mobile network and I had to retire it.

  7. God its such a shame this hardware is being made useless. Id have kept my classic if it would just run microsoft packages and onedrive

  8. I had a passport. Loved it. But I feel bad for anyone still using this, the struggle is real. Even with google services you have to acknowledge the lack of ram.

  9. Battery life makes my Passport basically unusable as a daily driver. Especially without quick charge, loading just takes forever. And alas, apps that I need not running on the PP. My trusty PRIV keeps me running, though, as long as there's no gaming involved that is. Even catches some attention lately. People seem to start peeking in the direction of physical keyboards.

  10. I went from the passport to the key one and was so frustrated, I just switched to an iPhone. I still have my passport though and use is to play music in my bedroom.


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