Best lenses for Sony a6000, a6100, a6300, a6400, a6500, a6600 for photography and video


Here are the the sony e mount lenses that I recommend for the a6000, a6300, a6400, and the a6500

In this video I talk about the sony 16-50mm kit lens, the sigma 16mm f1.4, the sigma 30mm f1.4, the sony 50mm 1.8, the sony 18-105mm (G lens, not G Master) and some honorable mentions!

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  1. It was starting to rain as the sun was going down for the sample shots so it was a rush switching lenses and losing light lol. I did link to other videos with each lens and you can check out images on my instagram as well! Let me know if you want to see or know anything more from any of these lens

  2. nice vid but i don't think you're correct about the focal length being cropped on the prime lenses like the sigma f/1.4 30mm and sony 50mm f/1.8 oss, although yes the a6000 series are not full frame sensor cameras those lenses are e mount "E" lenses and not "FE" therefore they're made for the crop censor with the focal length in mind. Now if you were to take an E mount "FE" lens and put it on an aps-c sensor then yes it would crop 1.5x the advertised focal length because those lenses are made for full frame sony e mount cameras. Just noticed this because im looking to get into getting my first camera and iv'e been doing some research on this because it confused me (I under stand how you could have been confused by this as well) and i went on the sony website and looked at how they advertised their lenses and saw they differentiated between full frame lenses and aps-c lenses.

  3. Not a professional photographer but this camera makes me look like one.📷>昔  So many great features that you would find in a much more expensive camera. Very happy with my A6400!

  4. How does the sony 16-55mm 2.8G compare to the bunch? Cuz it looks to be the most versatile lens in any situation!

  5. Just starting getting into photography and looking at vlogging or doing youtube. Bought the a6100 with the kit lens. Thanks for the video it helped alot. Gonna stick with the kit lens for the time being! Get used to what im doing first and make sure i want to invest more money into this hobby.

  6. Thanks for the video man, I'm getting the A6400 with the sigma 16mm f1.4 and the sony 18-105 f4 lenses, very informative, Saludos desde Colombia

  7. Great video! I subscribed right after. Helped a lot Just got the Sony a6600 that came with a Sony 18-135 lens plus the Ronin SC. Do you think that's a good lens to start with doing video?

  8. I think I might just get the sigma to start with! thank you its a good price and starter lens I think and I like your store brother!!!!!! Im so about to create one when I get into this!!! Thank you for you advice! Do you have a sonya6100 class/playlist?

  9. I think the kitlens is fine for video, the sigma are monsters for still and the 18-105 is an all rounder sharper than kitlens but better for video than sigma. I only got the zoom lens and i with i had the sigma lenses + a super telephoto and a macro lens.

  10. Is the 18-105mm lens good for shooting a dialogue scene in an indoor setting? Like a over the shoulder shots with artificial lights in a room?

  11. Back again… With another question 🤦🏿‍♂️ I'm looking at getting the 18-105mm but I'm on a budget right now. So I was looking at the 28-70mm kit lens. So my question is what are your thoughts on 28-70mm? Should I just wait and keep saving for the 18-105mm or get the 28-70 for the time being? Thanks in advance 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾

    Oh yeah.. Where's the new videos at 🤔🤨


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