Berserk Raider Sword Part 4 of 4


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In which the sword is finally finished, hurrah!

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  1. How does man at arms get 4 million views on a very crappy version of this sword. Spread the word of Chtulu he needs more viewers.

  2. Excellent work! I'm really impressed by the welding between the handle and the sword (it's likely not the right terminology). To a layman like me it looked like it would be too weak to hold up to abuse, but your demonstration lays any such fears to rest. The demonstration also shows how ridiculous Gut's weapons are, given that the dragon slayer is even bigger, when brought to the real world.

  3. Hey love your videos. They are amazing.💙

    You should do divine axe Rhitta…Escanor Battleaxe from the seven dealy sins.😏

    Like if you want to see Rhitta 💖

  4. Nice! I got a toy version on esty for only 180$. I already have the danish claymore greatsword. No need for such a heavy sword anyway. So i just have one for fun, cuz un the end. I still got buff.

  5. Идеально. Сколько будет стоить? Сколько весит и сколько он см?

  6. It's so bendy and it's bigger in the video than the one in berserk :p still great though and love the bite sized vids more context to view at my pleasure

  7. I am starting to believe that you are in fact 1000's of years old and from an ancient civilization of black Smithers, before the age of samurai :D.
    Keep up the incredible work .

    ps. Short or long, does not effect me but the more effort into managing separate videos seems less details we see.

  8. who are these video's aimed at ? 20 minutes segments people who make pegs ! Sorry Mr Cthulhu but we who make things want to see things being made, or is this a Cunning Stunts to make us subscribe to your channel ? or is this a algorithm that you need more cash? we know it takes money to do what we do but some of us just don't have any money. But i still love your work.


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