Bejeweled Stars Music Showcase 2016


Music and Sound by Guy Whitmore & Jaclyn Shumate
Audio Programming: RJ Mattingly
Choir & Orchestra: Northwest Sinfonia & Chorale

Game: Bejeweled Stars
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: PopCap Games / Electronic Arts
Release Date: May 10, 2016
Platforms: iOS/Android

-The music and sound design are designed to work together as one cohesive experience.. Sound design is musical in spirit, and in key with the music. The music is composed in interactive chunks, triggering to play in many moments traditionally held by sound design.
-10 mb total audio footprint
-Most sounds are created at run-time
-In-game MIDI + sample banks, allows for rich adaptability and flexibility of music system.
-Realtime DSP


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  1. I don't know. The music is way over the top for a puzzle game! It would work better as a fantasy movie soundtrack. I have to admit I started rolling my eyes at the hyperbolic and over-dramatic "MEOW! MEOW! Space chorus. Which plays after you complete each level.

  2. I miss how the gems used to look. They don’t cast shadows based on the tilt of your device or how try just “jump” instead of spin when selected…


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