Bejeweled 3 Game Trailer – Available Now!


The long awaited sequel to Bejeweled 2, Bejeweled 3 is available now for PC & Mac!

Download and play the game here:



  1. My god this is bringing back so many memories

    As a lad I used to think that this trailer was the coolest thing ive ever seen at the time

    Man I missed this game,,

  2. The trailer is not the full release of this game, it's beta, there is some difference between the trailer and the actual release:
    1. In ice storm, the red skull is animated in the trailer but it's not the case for official release
    2. In the menu, the Poker, Butterfly, Ice Storm and Diamond Mine gem is lack of text or ?
    3. In Poker, when the card contain a flame gem, the front card texture is full orange color with some detail to look like fire instead of fire is burning outside the card and the texture just like normal gem card.

  3. for the guys who want this game for free 😀 this month its free to get on Origins download Origins and download Bejeweled 3 for free. gl all have fun gaming.


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