Beats Studio3 Wireless Unboxing and First Impressions


In today’s video, we have a quick unboxing and hands on test with the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. Are they worth the $350 original MSRP, or even the ~$215 current price?
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  1. Only apple sheep use that charging cable anyways everyone else has USB C if anything apple has taken a step back by forcing its user base to buy cables only they use

  2. Or another idea to not hook them to your backpack is that they will be gone the next day someone's gonna want them

  3. I just got me a pair for $199 at bestbuy and they do there job i love them so much they make a good noise canceling headset

  4. I watched this video to see if these headphones are good and I enjoyed watching this video keep doing what you are doing

  5. The real question is how long will the ear muffs last. I had Beats a while back before Apple bought them and the ear muffs deteriorated. Not the quality I expect with a $350 price tag.

  6. Bad product!!!
    Starts paining over ears within half an hour. Really can't handle above an hour…
    Very Bad experiences over calls while using Wirelessly, almost every time. So much broken or disturbed voice over calls. So stopped using for calls.
    With wire calls are somewhat ok but what is the use of wireless then, only for music?!!
    Sound quality is ok, could be better but missing phone calls 😟
    Volume buttons from cable doesn't work at all with Android phones. I think because if apple product. Same case with other apple earphones as per my experience.
    Can't use it even with wire once the battery is drained fully!!!
    I'm using this since last one month.

  7. Hi, are the beats from the UK amazon account real or not? They seem to be cheaper than buying from the apple store and other stores…


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