Beats Studio Wireless Unboxing


My unboxing of the new bluetooth headphones by Beats, the new Beats Studio Wireless.

Find it here:

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  1. Nice headset! I like the black b. Have you done a review on the under armour project rock wireless headset? Looking into those as well.

  2. I just bought the studios 3 they got a little cheap all it comes with are the 2 cords I wish they would come with the power brick that would be awesome

  3. People who can't afford hate beats. But trust me guys beats are so amazing i mean you can even hear each and every minute tunes which is so amazing.

  4. can anybody give me the link where they bought theres on amazon because all the one i see on amazon are fake and want real ones

  5. so.. i logged on to the beats website and it says they cost nearly 300 dollars. but best buy says 200.
    i feel suspicious? maybe they only have a bit left? idk???

  6. I didn't get none of that 😂I got my from Best Buy I got the regular stuff the case clip and USB and USB charger cord that's all I got the black one regular ones


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