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  1. Your review was spot on and I just grabbed my first pair (also in champagne 🥂 very nice for us ladies) and I love them! I had become aware of these headphones after buying my daughter a pair for xmas. Its A big 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 for me! ps great review btw

  2. If you are going to spend that kind of money then the Quiet comfort 35's is the ones to buy, I have these also, and the Level on's from Samsung, these are good headphones. They have came along way since the early models, that's because they were purchased by apple , from monster cable company, Beats=hip hop, house, and maybe some R & B (new school) Bose=concerto's, (Classical) aura's (Opera) All of them are good, great review sis

  3. Great video! I just purchased two days ago – they caught my eye at best buy, on sale for $250. With my rewards I paid less than $200 for titanium headphones. I would not have purchased them for $379.95, I agree with you about the value. Pairing is very easy if you have apple products – another advantage to these. To me they sound great, though I am really only used to using wired and wireless bluetooth. Quality is a huge step over what I've had previously. Keep up the good work!

  4. Love the cool vibe of the video. I've ordered the Unity edition of them in blue and white which also has black and a touch of red.

  5. This is my third time buying beats headphones. I had two solo2s. They both broke and it was the same reason. Somehow the right side doesn't work and I did nothing wrong to those two headphones. I just bought the same exact studios. Gold edition. If I get the same results of the right side not working………………

  6. I still sad because I have my Beats wireless over the ear. I was very happy at the beginning,but they hurt my ears, they really do. It's totally uncomfortable. The sound when you put the noise cancellation does not feel good. I don't know how to explain the feelings but those who agree with me know what I mean

  7. they are $230 now in Canada at best buy…but they are always sold out :/ you have to wait days or even weeks to place one on hold.


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