BEAST UNDER THE BED | "Flesh And Blood" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film


Believe your children, the BEAST UNDER THE BED is REAL. A broken family struggles to revive their bond, it’s the only way to keep the monster at bay. #BeastUnderTheBed #CryptMonsterUniverse
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Lucy – Angeleck Richardson
Dana – Ellah Rae Linaman-Smith
Dad – Jeffrey Tendall
Mom – Breayre Tender
Nix – Kerstin Porter
Mom’s Boyfriend – Kamy Bruder

Director – Keola Racela
Writer – T.J. PAYNE
Producer – Isabel Marden
Producer – Kimberly Bailey
Casting – Christy Faison
Casting – Jami Rudofsky
Concept Artist – Ivan Sunguroff
Concept Artist – Ben Garriga
Direction Department
1st AD – LIzzy Walker
2nd AD – Noa Rosenberg
Camera Department
Director of Photography – John Wakayama Carey
1st AC – Quynh Le
2nd AC – Matthew Ward
DIT – Peter McGarry
Still Photographer – Steven Shea
Production Department
Key PA – Lars Keer
Parking PA – Andres Betancourt
PA – Eddie Kunz
PA – Nathan Bucar
Fight Choreographer – Kamy Bruder
Set Medic – Craig Marvin
Studio Teacher – Katelyn Lindsey
Studio Teacher – Pearl Haika
Sound Mixer (Location) – Roman Nunez
Art Department & Costume
Production/Costume Designer – Hillary Jones
Art Director – Quinlynn McCarthy
Art Swing/Carpenter – Dan Delfosse “Alias”
Gaffer – Adam Uyemura
Key Grip – Erique Duboise
Hair and Make-Up
Creature Fabricator – Eric Fox
SFX Makeup Lead – Eric Fox
Key Makeup Artist – Faina Rudshteyn
SFX Makeup Assistant – Alanna Lee
SFX Makeup Assistant – Ali Fisher-Collins
SFX Makeeup Assistant – Wendy Bermeo
SFX Makeup Assistant – Arcy Garcia
Assistant Editor – Erik Aleksiewicz
Post Sound Mixer – Brandon Kim
VFX Tom Saville, Treehouse Digitial


Crypt’s mission is to tell monster stories that bring the world closer together. We believe scary stories unite us and help us face our most powerful emotions. We want to create the next generation of iconic monsters — with you and for you. Follow us @CryptTV everywhere and find your #MonstersWithin



  1. Ok but like questions, is there more than one because then if there are, it's kind of like a 'quiet place' , and that would be amazing

  2. Title is a little misleading, because I never saw anything under the bed! When that thing killed is wife he knew what it was and why it was there. To bad he never let us in on the secret! Really good short!!

  3. What was the reason for the monster for attacking them? Monster won't attack if they did something like going in the Base. Or made something to make the monster go after them?

  4. yo i liked it but i wouldve liked it a lil darker(in thathouse scene) just sayiiinnnnn(they had every light in the house on th boi you wastin power)overall some minor gripes….. also this a beast outda bed

  5. Twinkle twinkle little star he is going to eat your car and you’ll be with the stars. Aight that monster is a Alien AREA 51 DAMIT

  6. I got a minute long unskipable ad for diet Dr Pepper and I'm not even mad cause I got to listen to him yell it's the sweet one at the top of his lungs multiple times

  7. monster:comes outa noware and kills someone
    girl:there is no monster
    monster wispers wana bet
    girl procedecds to stab 99999999999999999 in the chest

  8. I think we should have more movies that involve the kids or parents getting together to kill "said creature" for trying to kill them.


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