Battlefield Bad Company 2 [PC] Download and install + Online ::2019-2020::


Hello everyone!!
Welcome to a new video tutorial on how to download and install the game Battlefield Bad Company 2 completely free, in English and with multiplayer mode.

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:: Before continuing with the installation with the installation, we have to download the following files:

[BFBC2] 20XX Repack (2.4GB) Mega:

Alternative links:

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:: Step 1 :: Download and install Battlefield Bad Company 2.

The first thing we have to do is download and then unzip the game, once we unzip it we have to install it. The game will be in an .iso extension and you may have to mount it with an image editor, in my case I will use the Windows default, but you can use programs such as “Daemon Tools Lite”. When we mount the image, we have to execute the file “setup.exe” to install it, at the beginning it will ask us to select a language (You will select your native language), after selecting a language, click on “Next” to everything, but Remember that options such as installation path are completely optional.

:: Step 2 :: How to update the game

Completed with the installation of the game, it is time to update it, for this we only have to execute the file “BFBC2Updater”. If you have problems with the game update, you must download it and then install Update R11 795745 through the manual installer.

:: Step 3 :: How to join the multiplayer

When the process of updating the game is finished, we will have to place the patch to play in multiplayer mode, for this we only have to decompress all the contents of the “” folder in the game installation folder replacing all its content. Completed with the above, we can play in multiplayer mode and story mode. If we want to play online, it is possible that the game requests to enter our Nexus emulator account, if you do not have an account, you can create it through the following page:

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Ready! You can play now.
Remember that if you have any problem with the game, do not forget to join the group where we help you with the problems that the game may have:

Thank you very much for watching the video.



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