Battlefield 1942 – How to play 2018 (FAQ, Tutorial)


Gamespy community fix:
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ORIGIN version:



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  1. I am confused. I installed this game on my linux machine and it appears i can connect to mutiplayer games in gamespy. However, I thought Gamespy was shut down 6 years ago?

  2. I installed the game with cd and add ons but I can't start it. It says that I need admin rights but I use my admin acc

  3. download is not available… i have a cd version of the anthology but does not start… "CD not found"
    can anybody help??!?! ='(

  4. Got the game installed on windows 10 I did everything from directplay to administrator permissions the game does nothing, not even a black screen just nothing happens at all I have searched the internet and can't find anything. Got any ideas?

  5. Can anyone tell me why my cd AND Origin versions CTD whenever I try to create a co-op match in vanilla or custom levels? On Windows 7 btw, which I'll bet is half the reason. I've done the XP compatibility fix, no luck.

  6. Is the source code publicly available? I'd love to try and rebuild the old refractor engine along with overhauling the animations and models.

  7. And what do I do, the game does not work on Windows 10. Dark screen a couple of seconds and immediately the game crashes. In the video, I did everything right, did not help (

  8. completed patched bf42 version with hd resolutions support

  9. I love bf1942 and i played it to death when it was first launched along with all the mods including that mod where it was like madmax and had discos.
    Anyway i like watching the videos but i could never play the game again. It would only undo all the great memories i have for the franchise. Which is a shame. Current gen games have improved engines but shit game play. This game only needs a good engine and it would be highly playable again. Instead we got battlefield5, the sjw's curry night diarrhoea.

  10. I've got a problem- I cannot see LAN games that my friend posts, nor can he see mine (and we're literally sitting right next to each other on the same internet). Conquest appears on the LAN list, but Co-op does not (And we want to play Co-op)
    -We have downloaded the latest patch
    -We have allowed an exception in our firewall settings
    -We are on Windows 10
    -We are attempting to use the modded maps (Giza, Britain Bombing, etc)
    -I can see my own LAN server in the list, but nobody else's.
    Any ideas?

  11. gonna download this! i didnt get to play back in the day so im happy to get to play now and help bring some people back online to play again!

  12. hey I download the game from the link you post and I download the gamespy fix but I can not join to a server, it says "failed to connect server", I tried to reinstall the game and nothing, I have the latest patch installed… What I can do?

  13. Played it when I was 5 and I absolutely loved. Going back and playing it again was a real treat! This is easily one of the best fps games ever made!


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