Battlefield 1 Realistic Soldiers MOD Showcase + Download link


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*EA does not support mods. Use at your own risk.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Thank you everyone for the support you showed me.

    I want to specify some things:

    1. Mod is safe for online gameplay BUT as EA/Dice do not support mods there is always a risk.

    2. People been asking why i had to remove ammo bags or stuff like that.

    The meshes in BF1 are combined which means that if you want to remove, let's say, a scarf you will probably remove other things too, like ammo bags or whatever.

    3. Weapons are not moddable. Any modifications made to guns will result in a insta-ban.

    4. Will I create a mod like this for BFV ?

    Probably not. I do not own BFV and there are little chances that i will buy a copy in the near future. But if someday i will buy the game then yes, definitely i will try to create mods for it. Also FrostyEditor do not have support for BFV.

    5. This mod is client-side only which means only the mod users will see the changes. If you like the vanilla game that's fine, you won't see anything different even if you play with mod users on the same server.

    6. If you don't like it, don't use it.


  2. What was wrong about the British assault, the British support, the Imperial Russian assault, the German assault, the American assault, and the French support?

  3. The sikh soldier on the British empire i understand, but the black scout? No. I dont want to play as a black tommy.

  4. Kinda bums me out that I bought Season pass for this game yesterday, just to find out that you can’t even see the maps now. Since nobody is playing anymore🤯😮…

  5. Historical accuracy, very cool
    No women or minorities, only n-word
    Now make a mod that turns everyone into cute anime girls

  6. Very cool showcase! One question, where did you get your hands on the original models? I've been looking for them! If you answer then it would be greatly appreciated!😁

  7. does it work? I mean it worked fine for me, but now it says error when I want to launch it through frosty mod manager…

  8. "Bf1 realistic soldiers mod"

    *changes black person to a white person*

    Edit: just to clarify, I'm not actually offended by this; I just thought it was kinda funny considering all the bullcrap in bfv

  9. Gaming companies just don't get it. We don't care if black men/women or whatever are in a war game, but if you're going to make a period game, it needs to be ACCURATE to the period in honor of those who did serve!

  10. Yes everything except for the Harlem hellfighter should be there and the British Indian medic everything else pretty good and it does need more mustache and less of those ridiculous support masks

  11. One thing I’d like to point out is for the German Assault kit, specifically the camo helmet that the original model has, that IS historically accurate since German shocktroopers wore camo helmets, still looks good nonetheless

  12. Actuallly you dont need to change the Russian female sniper into a male one,The Russian army has female snipers

  13. anyway, these uniforms existed, but they were fucking rare or just unofficial military attempts, like the trench melee weapons. Three examples :…4373.8433..8711…0.0..0.116.963.10j2……0….1………30i10j33i10.rpiRcjd7qFM&ei=2KaYXf7TEITjwAKDyKLICg&bih=670&biw=412&client=ms-opera-mobile&prmd=ivn&hl=hu#imgrc=2Kg5metpx5zMxM

  14. my biggest problem in this game is the assassult rifles. It's true there was some handheld machine guns in the end of the war, but that wasn't common.


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