Battle Realms- {[BRH]}HarD_DeviL vs [TR]BlueSky. 3 Games in 1 video.


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☯️ Battle Realms Steam store page is up and the release date is set to December 3, 2019 :

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  1. Both slow hands. Serpent player so arrogant and cocky, cant even press B for horse skill and V to close or open Peasant Hut spawn.

  2. Man I love this game and like serpent clan most. You are great player too, I wish this game back in 2019 🙁 Btw will you agree with me serpent clan is more modern than dragon in some way (weapon, construction,..)

  3. Hahahhaha how long has it been since I played this game!!! And as I can see, nit much changed… But man, When will the BR2 release??

  4. it could have been faster. this serpent has poor APM, leaving a peasant idle and having not enough rice. lame

  5. Man I think I beat someone twice my age with Serpent (my favorite), and he used Dragon. I like the tactic of bandits, then press N and spam B for poison darts. I also use G(guard) a lot for my heroes, and I like the strat of using canoners and attacking on ground or spamming B for mines when in close combat. Second best would be Lotus, Wolf is the dumbest.


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