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  1. I would still us bp I nvr used mb mt bp espeon and won't I only used 1 bp pkmn and I only bp in one stat and could use 3x boosts max. with ou or lower tier pkmn only. I did win and lose some matches so that bp is not broken. Good day sir.

  2. I wish you could use baton pass purely as a volt switch/u-turn type of move, but yeah I can understand why it didn't get a complex ban

  3. Complex bans are made to prevent the use of legendaries with certain restrictions, or any pokemon with certain restriction why not mega ray on ou with dragon ascent or dd

  4. I understand the ban, but honestly it wouldnt be as big an issue if people learned to run whirlwind or dragon tail on something bulky like skarmory.

  5. Prankster Haze Murkrow= Bye Bye Baton Pass and Murkrow is viable Prankster Haze Prankster Defog Prankster Feather Dance its a good disruptive Pokémon

  6. Bro rly just ban magearna… even without bp that thing can auto win. Also baton pass isn’t broken imo I never had a problem with it

  7. I think that baron pass is a good start for banning, but you would also have to ban things like stealth rock, toxic spike, spike, ect. Because all those moves have some connection to making a stall team, which is the main purpose of the move. You grab a really tanky Pokémon or a Pokémon that has super boosting moves such as a Pokémon with minimize or an eevee with the eeveelution Z move that raises all stats then gets baton passed to other Pokémon. It’s a method I am just tired of that happens so often that just drags on a heap tons of times.

  8. This is smogon tho… and smogon is for wusses. anything goes is where its at, OR the real pokemon VGC double tournament rules. Smogon is lame

  9. I think banning Speed Boost entirely instead wouldve been a much better solution. Speed boost is what makes BP broken and braindead, without it BP is a fair high risk high reward strat. Speed Boost on its own breaks several mons (see: Blaziken, mega sharpedo in lower tiers) and if gamefreak ever slaps speed boost on any mediocre mon wiith decent coverage and an attack boosting move then that thing is auto ubers (like Blaziken). BP without speed boost is not abusable.

  10. Is there a particular reason that BP in general was banned, and not just passing any type of boost/sub? In the past, I've used it as a form of U-turn/Volt Switch, which isn't possible now.

  11. people don't know how to counter anything these days in pokemon. if a baton pass team beat you all you need to do is run moves or different pokemon to counter it. There are SO MANY different ways. no hate but this ban is stupid.

  12. you know that you can also BP the lowered stats? if a Pokemon that uses BP gets it's speed lowered for example then it will BP that lowered speed too and….. just counter it jeez everyone who complain about BP probably use landorus and other OP Pokemon that literally everyone uses and that IS OK? Yeah ban a BP because making an original team takes too much effort

  13. Ok i have seen both sides to this and i understand it. But there is one thing i dont get.
    Someone makes anti smogon video all the smogon players bring there dislikes and hate.
    Someone makes a pro smogon video i dont see the "normal" player come to hate.
    Maybe thats one reason so many people dislike smogon players.

  14. It's unbelievable how Verlis and his fans can still try to argue against this ban when this video does such a good job explaining how and why they banned it.
    Ah well, I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.
    Thanks for being a real one, Blunder :]


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