Bat Wings II How to get rid of FLABBY ARMS with Tracy Campoli. Tone up loose skin, bat wings and dangly arms with this weightless arm workout.


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  1. Just did this routine…ufffff BURNS!! Tracy, how many reps or for how long should I train my arms? I´m working our 5 times a week now

  2. Hi Tracy!! I've just discovered your channel and found this interesting as batwings are the thing i want to reduce the most. I was wondering if I could do this with small weights (2 pounds) or if it was better if I did it just like you show. Thanks!!!

  3. This workout definitely builds your biceps and shoulders! However, it's taking a little while with my bat wings, it seems. I've been doing it for about a month, and my arms are more toned on the top, but I still have that flap, lol. I'm not gonna give up, though! My arms might just need some extra time. Plus, this video along with my other workouts has helped me feel so much healthier! Here's to persistence! 💪

  4. hey guyss
    i will update here maybe every day if i can (?) cause i'll be trying it out for a week
    p.s this ain't my first time exercising to some arm exercises so i think this is by far the most easiest one yet. I always do this before i take a bath in the evening (i tried one intense workout before everyday for one week and i gained muscles but sadly i cant find that video here on yt anymore :<)
    Date Started: December 26,2019
    Day 1: of course nothing happened; i eat what i usually do, rice meat and bit of juice but i try to eat less.; Only did the exercise 1 time

    Day 2: still nothing happened ; did the exercise 2 times ( from now on I'll do it 2 times and do some other workouts)

    Day 3&4: i traveled to somewhere on this day so I didn't have the energy to work out
    Day 5: i have built up a bit of muscle from day 1&2 but now its gonee ㅠㅠ
    did this for like one time
    Day 6: did this for one time

  5. Hey i am starting this workout today.. In month Feb my college will sponsoring a farewell party as it is my graduation last Yr.. So i thought of wearing a gown but it turnout to be a Sleeve less gown and right now my arm is 43 cm measuring the hanging skin of my arm(bat wing). So it's kindda impossible to wear that dress for me.. But i hope this workout will work.
    .. So i am starting from today
    27 Dec 2019.
    I will update in a month..
    Hope it work 💜
    My arm right now 43 cm..
    See you in 27 Jan 2020.

  6. Trying to make the last week of this year productive. Lets hope I stick to it

    Day 1 : ✔️
    Day 2: ✔️
    Day 3: ✔️
    Day 4: ✔️
    Day 5: ✔️ (did it twice)
    Day 6: ✔️
    Day 7: ✔️
    Day 8: ✔️

    Edit : it's been about two week and I FINALLY did the whole thing without a single break. Im so happy

  7. Hi! Ive been doing these exercises for almost two weeks now and can see muscle on top but no lessening of batwings. I have had them since i was 30 and I'm now 38, I had them even when I was skinny. How long do you think it'll generally take to get rid of them? Also once I achieve no batwings will continuing this exercise keep them away or will I have to add harder workouts?

    Thanks for your time. Shannon

  8. Half way in I’m dead cause I did an arm workout before this

    Edit: day 2
    I’m still not use it this it more my front arms in pain

  9. Hi Tracy love you arms exercise. My bat wings are terrible I have big arms. I m 72 n the jiggle is horrible. Been doing for a week hopefully it might help i know it will. You are so beautiful n so encouraging. Tks for the excellent exercise

  10. My first time to your channel and I just subscribed! OUCH and Yay! I enjoyed this workout and will do my best to stick with it, you make it fun! =)

  11. Shame on you for saying “lunch lady arms” that’s just mean in so many ways. Lunch ladies all around the world are mothers, daughters, grandmas proving for their families. They work hard and probably serving your children’s lunch too, if you have kids.

  12. right arm :11.5 inch
    left arm : 11 inch
    day 1:done
    day 2:done
    day 3:done
    i wil say the resuult tomorrow morning !
    right arm:11 inch
    left arm 10.4 inch

  13. Wow! Wow! I have major bat wings no matter how hard I’ve worked out. Your video is awesome and may be the answer! Thank you!

  14. Great work out 💪 its my 1st time so lets see if I see any difference in the next few weeks. I am a year out from mastectomy and3 months out from radiotherapy. Welcome comments on how I should modify the routine or if its ok for my post cancer condition?


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