Bat Wings Begone! (Arm Workout)


How to get rid of bat wings AKA bingo wings AKA ‘tuck shop’ arms AKA arm fat!

Call it whatever you want, this is a trouble area for a lot of women and can make you feel really self-conscious in sleeveless tops. With summer approaching, wearing a strappy dress might scare the bejesus outta you, but have no fear… because I have just the workout for you!

This arm workout is going to focus on the triceps (the ‘3-headed’ muscle at the back of your arms) with the best arm exercises to tone up those flabby arms.

But please note! If you want to know how to lose arm fat, you can’t just do these bat wing exercises and think that’s going to magically make your bingo wings disappear… No!

The only way to truly tone your arms and get rid of arm fat, is to FIRST clean up your diet, fix your sleep and manage your stress levels.

Watch this fat loss video to learn more:

What this arms workout will do, is tone, firm, tight and shape your arms by growing the triceps and bicep muscles. Remember, your form and technique is the most important thing when doing this bat wing workout, so make sure you hone your mind-muscle connection and feel the burrrrrn for best results.

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  1. Don't those hip dip exercises at the end damage the rotator cuff of the shoulder? AthleanX covers this I believe. Besides that, great advice thank you!

  2. Hey Shelley – is this a good upper body workout for semi-begginers?
    4×10 push ups
    4×10 shoulder press
    4×10 tricep dips
    4x10resistance band push down?
    (quarantine edition+warm up/cool down)

  3. I'm trying to figure out if it's fat or skin. When I put my arm straight there is nothing hanging but when I am going to pull on the bottom of my arm it can extend but not to much. So is it fat or skin?

  4. I would like to see some full follow along workouts for home use. I have been doing The Firm for over 20 years and Physique 57 for maybe 5 years- and I can testify, weights work.
    Ironically, the Figure 8 program ads led me to your channel. I was going to buy them and still might- but only because they look like fun and look good for the brain.

  5. I was hoping this would be an at home workout. Gyms are closed all over the world RN. Looks like an awesome workout so I will save this video for when the pandemic goes away.

  6. Thank you Shelley for ur guidance that u give in all the videos that u upload ❤…
    But i wanted to know how many days a week ur arm workout is needed to be performed???

  7. Okay so I might be the only person ever confused by sets and reps😂 so when you say 12/15 reps per exercise , you do 12/15 of every exercise and that’s one set? And then you do that 3 times? am I right?? Do you take breaks in between exercises or just the 90 second break in between sets?

  8. Best advice ever! I have one question, so I do 15 reps and then wait 60 seconds until the other set of 15 reps?

  9. I am rn at the gym doing these workouts and i feel the burn already thank you sm i have them bat wings time to get rid of them 🤠

  10. Immediate subscription. Coming off 6 years of chronic illness struggles; before that, I was a gym rat, meathead, sponsored athlete. This woman speaks *truth*. Nothing but plain, supportive truth. You're a superstar, and have a new fan. Well done you, please keep your chin up and ignore the hate; some people simply can't handle the little voice of reason, and subsequently lash out.

  11. Hi Shelly,
    I have a question! I'm a woman I just use my husband's account because I don't have one so I'm not a weirdo just asking for the hell of it, lol!
    You seem to really practice a natural, healthy, non toxic lifestyle. I'm curious as to if you had concerns about getting breast implants? I've seen SO many stories on breast implant illness and there's even a group on FB that has a couple hundred thousand women all with the same stories about their implants. Many have ex planted and their implants were ruptured and or growing mold. It doesn't matter if they're saline or silicone because they're both toxic. What is your opinion on this? Did you research this beforehand? Many doctors are denying this is a problem including my own. I knew nothing about this before I had my boobs done in 2013 and I ignorantly just went off of my doctor telling me they're safe. Are you not concerned about this as well? I don't have many people to go to about this and my doctor just blew off my concerns.

  12. I have thin arms with bat wings because I have a muscular condition and have abnormally underdeveloped triceps (yes even for a woman). I have no idea how to make my arms a lot better other than surgery 😢 Exercises and weight training tend to only be minimally effective. So people should be thankful if their only issue is some excess fat. Honestly annoys me when I hear women I know complaining about their "flabby arms" or when they make fun of me for having thin arms. Uh unless you also have a physical disability (having an unhealthy diet and never getting off your butt is not a disability) that makes doing so difficult you CAN lose weight and gain muscle WAAAAY more easily than I can (I mean just the gaining muscle part. I have no issues losing weight. It's not related to my muscles). What I would do to have regular working muscles and to be able to work out and see significant results yet so many people take it for granted.

  13. You can't spot reduce fat. This video shows how to grow the muscles in that area, not how to lose fat in that area, as you say. On the other hand, I truly hope no one does this full workout – unless they workout twice a day, that is. You need to workout your whole body to avoid unbalances and injuries, and training just your arms isn't smart.

    Also, that last superset – basically 30 reps of working out your triceps..? yikes 😬

  14. …………………but u shouldn't do biceps and triceps on the same day, you can't do this workout every day it will just over stress your arms. Also you didn't do enough reps to do anything, it should burn, the first 10 are just to prep your body unless you are an absolute beginner and haven't do any workout for a year. I do 5 sets of 20 tricep dips every other day that seems to be working. Then do bicep curls on the other days do 3-5 sets of 20 reps on the highest weigh you can control without losing form.

  15. I tried this workout and it burned ! Honestly I’m surprised that it can burn arm fat so much because bat arm fat is always so difficult to target when u just wanna lose it and no too many bicep exercises.

  16. Don’t change your videos because of negative comments! I found you a few weeks ago and I love that you empower women. Take care!

  17. I love your workouts ! I have an issue following them tho. Why don’t you try to make workout videos wherein you’re working out together with us. So I will put on the video and do it at the same time ! You know what I am sayin🏋️‍♂️

  18. Your videos have definitely helped me feel more empowered! Your health tips have made a huge difference for me. <3 Thank you so much!

  19. You are the only one I've found that goes about telling people how to do this in a healthy way! Others are like, "if you want to look like me lets do this exercise! Sign up to my app and health and nutrition program!! oh but btw it costs SO much and you need these supplements and meal replacements! oh you can't afford that, guess you'll be fat forever then byeee!!" I find you super inspirational and helpful and positive, anyone who says you are perpetuating these impossible body standards isn't paying attention!

  20. Yes so many desperate females have altered, filtered themself not even accepting themself in their natural state.

  21. I literally adore you. I just found your channel tonight. I’m a dance teacher and dance/physical education coach currently, and I have been in the industry for 23 years. I love your humble and proactive explanations. You rock! Thank you for the in depth explanations and the realness to your approach. I’d love to collaborate. God speed. ❤️👍🏼

  22. You have the ultimate body!
    I’ve lost nearly 3stone and need to tone up now but I just tried those tricep dips and cant even do ONE 😭

  23. Omg forget the haters! You're showing the people who are interested how to better themselves. You aren't at all telling people they have to change to love themselves. Keep up the great content. I absolutely adore you and your channel. Thanks for putting yourself out there and helping those who want it 🙂


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