BYE BYE BATWINGS! This quick and effective workout will tone your triceps, biceps and the “bra bulge” around the tank top and bra area. You’ll need just two pound weights for this at home workout.


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  1. BYE BYE BATWINGS! This quick and effective workout will tone your triceps, biceps and the "bra bulge" around the tank top and bra area. You'll need just two pound weights for this at home workout.

  2. Thanks tracy is very helpful and i will work on it at least 3 to 4 days every chance I get. Have a great day. Ta! Ta.

  3. Think Your Batwings not bad I could help 2 years other exercise Did. Bra fat much better I keep my brat night it helps my bra fat belly better cause of her but I did planks This time had hernia surgery 8 times 10 small Had lot of her surgery.

  4. People complain over nothing! It's no different from Tracy performing a 5 minute workout and saying "repeat it three times" or "you know what to do!" Smh.

  5. Love the cute little baby bump! I prefer when your videos have the entire workout -with all the reps (so we feel the burn together!). Regardless, the moves are still great!

  6. Is there a full workout version of this where you don't skip ahead? I would like to follow along until I remember the workout.

  7. Why record the entire thing, but then only post 5 minutes of it? It's a pain to have to play, pause, play, pause, etc. Everyone prefers to do the workout the whole way through with you.

  8. Hoping you plan to do a full video so we can work out along with you on full reps for each episode, instead of just showing us what the move is…. but after reading the comments, it look like you’ll be doing a complete video… you look awesome! Pregnancy agrees with you. And what a fabulous view you have!

  9. Woohoo! Loved it… My arms are way more toned with the other Bat Wing workouts… and this one will be added into my routines. Thank You, You are such a STAR!!!

  10. Sei stupenda 😍 questo video lo possono fare pure le persone che vogliono definire le braccia? Io le ho sottili ma un po' di definizione mi piacerebbe molto 😊

  11. Congrats dear Tracy. You are always beautiful and pregnancy has just added to your beauty <3 This seems like a great workout and one i need for sure. How can I get the full workout. I clicked on the link but couldn't really figure out the process. Thanks

  12. You're making my arms so sculpted in TBT! When I look at photos people take of me now, I can't believe the difference. Looking forward to this full version 🙂 Did a quick preview in my office with no weights – good stuff.

  13. I still remember the previous bat wings exercise video years ago. I will try this one, I had twins 8 months ago and my bat wings and extra fat around breast and arm area needed this video.

  14. Thanks a lot for this one, Tracy. I am so excited to try it 😊 And congrats on your pregnancy. So happy for you, sweetie 🤗


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