Banh Mi Op La | Vietnamese Fry Up | Banh Mi Hoa Ma Saigon | Ho Chi Minh City's Best Breakfasts Ep 1


A Vietnamese fry up on the streets of Saigon. This is like a Vietnamese version of a full English breakfast!

For Just over £1 ($1.25) you get a pan full of goodies like soft, gooey fried eggs, all different types of ham, fried onions and crispy, fluffy banh mi (Vietnamese baguette) to soak it all up with.

Forget the hotel breakfast and head out for an amazing street food experience and just maybe, The Best Cheap Breakfast EVER in Ho Chi Minh City.

Here is a link with directions to the restaurant:

Here are some other videos from my trip to Ho CHi Minh:

Bun Thit Nuong:

Banh Mi:

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Here’s a link to Mark Weins blog post:

Bánh mì chảo Hòa Mã hơn 60 năm ở Sài Gòn mê hoặc người Sài thành, Việt kiều. Tiệm bánh mì nằm ở ở 53, Cao Thắng, Quận 3, TP.HCM. Quán bán từ 07:00 – 10:00.

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  1. The whole video I was thinking "Why Gary is all bended like that doing the video?" … and I remembered the famous tiny Vietnamese chairs 😀


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