Android Performance Patterns: Battery Drain and WakeLocks


It’s no secret that in order for your app to be successful, the user has to run it. And for it to continue to provide value, sometimes it needs to keep running. But this is tough to do while the phone is sleeping. But the answer is simple right? Just wake it up and do the work! Maybe, but tread lightly here…. there’s a massive battery problem waiting to happen.

In this video Colt McAnlis talks about how disturbing your phone’s beauty sleep is one of the biggest causes of un-needed battery drain on Android; But with a few simple changes to how you’re working, you can achieve the same result, with less battery problems.

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  1. Wake look shuts off when my battery goes dead or I turn off my phone. When I turn my phone back on wake look has to be manualy turn it on. How do I get Wake look to automaticly run when I turn on my phone back on ??

  2. It's draining battery because that's how Google designed their apps and services, like Google Play Services that is constantly sending and receiving data no matter what you do to restrict it. Heck I've even turned off Mobile Data and Google Play Services is still up there on battery usage, on par with Cell Standby and Device Idle and keeps going up in time. Even on an idle phone and DISCONNECTED from the Internet. IT'S BULLSHIT!!

  3. My probleme is that the system it self (Android-System) is draining my batterie the most 40% and its wake up 35 Min. It sucks so much, because when I go in stand by it may sleep when I push the power button and than randomly reboot the system. Pls I need help for my samsung galaxy s5(without rooting OS). Thank you guys =D

  4. this video would have been great if u had included ways to do so or apps for such works instead of explaining boring history of the world!!!!

  5. Thanks @Colt McAnlis!

    Nice tips on
     * PowerManager.WakeLock
     * WakeLock.acquire(…)
     * inexact timers, AlarmManager.setInexact*(..)
     * JobScheduler API 
     * Battery Historian

    Apps always got uninstalled from my Nexus 5 for good reasons, such as unexpected running status, and noticeable power consumption. Now, another one to watch out, time to keep awake. 😀

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