Action Blocked Instagram Fix


Here is whats happening with the Action Blocked warning or message on Instagram when you are trying to like, comment, Message and so on while using the app. Also see what you can do about the problem in order to lift or fix the block.






  1. i was banned for removing followers that were inactive… i removed instagram from my phone and then reinstalled and it was took 2 mins.

  2. My account got compromised because apparently I gave my password to a service to gain followers/ likes but I just followed a shit ton of people back

  3. i didnt even do anything i just wanted to make a groupchat with my friends but i keep getting action blocked WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING

  4. Instagram said I'm blocked for using third party apps but I haven't. In fact I removed lots of my followers because i so many of them seemed sketchy. I was probably hacked and instgram is too stupid to realize. I was actually given a date of when the block was supposed to pass but today is that date and ntohings changed. I can't comment, like, unfollow, or follow. I haven't done anything and ofc as we all know you cant actually reach out to Instagram because they wont see it or answer.

  5. I got my ban almost a week ago and it actually told me when it was supposed to go away and that day is today and its yet to go away.

  6. I was comemnting pixel art penises and then got this message. Its very frustrating cause its blocking me from commenting penises.

  7. i got action blocked again… for the 2nd time i got it because i like way to many pics, but i’m not even a bot LIKE WTF. i’ve been reposting the issue but instagram doesn’t even check them. so gl if u get this, try not spam the like button

  8. wtf i literally didn't do anything just woke up to my Instagram to check my friends stories and it says i can't like their post because i was blocked! what reason tho!? so confused i didn't do anything!! its been for 3 days and I'm sick of reporting it! fix your shit Instagram or lose costumers!!!

  9. It’s funny how u can’t follow people Casue it says ur blocked! then i searched Instagram on my search ,and I started following it.Funny how the picture didn’t popped up saying I was blocked.Funny how it let me follow instagram and not other people .🤦🏼‍♂️🤯

  10. i was just changing my username then it blocked me now i'm stuck with "anianacathajlana" BUT my name was supposed to be "anianacathalina" omg.

  11. I have been blocked for I week for following people back. I have people who want me to represent their brand and I can't text them back! This is so annoying


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