So the story is this: Sophie and her kids, Alice and Gyo, were visiting us and since we live near YG Entertainment, Alice knows YG as “BigBang’s house” and has walked past it several times. She loves Bigbang and has even been to a Bigbang concert. She wanted to know if Bigbang were there this time but as it was a Sunday we told her that Bigbang probably weren’t there. She wanted to check though and walked up to the security guard and asks him if Bigbang were there. He was very nice to her but told her that they weren’t. Usually fans aren’t allowed right up to that area but the security allowed her. Unfortunately, no Bigbang haha. (Sophie and her husband Han and their kids have been in some of our other videos). Alice’s father is Korean and her mother is Australian. Alice is NOT a foreigner!
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  1. I saw this video before and now I'm back and recognize the little girl was Alice which is sungjae's friend (return of superman)😯

  2. If they were I’m pretty sure Bae would’ve gone down, he’s a sucker for little VIPs~

  3. I hope bigbang member knows that alice really like them, so she can meet officially with them

    i want to meet them tooㅋㅋㅋ

  4. You know that security guard could just tell BIGBANG or YG (CEO) about it. I'm very sure BIGBANG would LOVE to meet this 4 year old girl. You just can't just crush a little girl's dream of wanting to fangirling and meeting BIGBANG x'D

  5. Awwww kawaii!⌒.⌒ ♡♡♡♡ I wan b her, she's so cute & adorible. G-D Love's lil' girls too. He found Sarang adorible.⌒.⌒ He's got a child of his own, thou.

  6. alice you are the cutest..you even sing / humming bigbang songs.. such a young VIP at heart. ❤ wish you'd get the chance to meet them… like i do. 👍😍😘🤗💋❤🍎❤💯✅ #AliceTheYoungestVip #Bigbang #YgFam #AwesomeVid


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